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Embedded in drafts, outlook notes, etc.

The Buffalo Sabres start on the first weekend of a live hockey game Prospect challenge on Friday night Play against the New Jersey Devils at LECOM Harbourcenter, and there is no lack of news before then.

Since Wednesday, the head coach of the Rochester Americans, Seth Appert, has been training to prepare for the first test of the young team.The organization has made Some unexpected moves Also to the lineup. This week, the Sabres also released behind-the-scenes footage of the draft, giving fans a chance to see the actions of the management team. A lot is happening in Sabreland.Follow everything about hockey writers Sabre season preview.

Buffalo Sabre: Embedded

On Thursday, Sabres released “Embedded” Official YouTube channelIn it, you can catch a glimpse of what happened “on the table” during the NHL draft. Between the discussion about each option and the incoming transaction call, the audience may take away some interesting notes.

See general manager Kevin Adams Others in Sabres appeared in the media because it was easy to forget that behind their excellent public relations, these people are also people.

Fans sometimes want to forget that there is someone behind these decisions, especially if they disagree with them. This is why these candid looks are always so interesting.

Sam Reinhart believes in sabers

In one scene, Adams called Reinhardt and told him he was acting. He thanked him for his service to the team and said some good things about him like him as a player. Many teams in the league called the general manager of the Sabres that day to try to obtain the gritty and offensive talented forward, but in the end, the Florida Panthers decided Reinhart’s fate.

“On the one hand I am disappointed because I love you as a player and you are a great person,” Adams told Reinhardt on the phone. “But I think this is a great opportunity for you.”

The next day, Reinhardt unexpectedly called Adams back. The general manager didn’t know why, but left the table with all the scouts and executives and took the call to his office. After a brief discussion, he returned to the room and revealed that the player had called and said he really believed that Adams and coach Don Granato could turn the situation around for the Sabres.

It seems that there is another bit of negative content surrounding this team every day, so fans should be comforted that one of their former players believes in the direction the club is heading. The fact that Sabres had to keep going Rasmus Ristolainen Reinhardt has little to do with their status as players. It’s more about Adams’s hope that they will not return after the end of this season. The question then becomes, how can the team get some rewards for the future.

Former Buffalo Sabre Sam Reinhart. (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

With Reinhardt, the Sabres managed to get Stable goalkeeper prospects A conditional first-round pick in German Levi and 2022. The condition is that if the pick is in the top ten, it will be exchanged with Florida’s 2023 first-round pick.With Ristolainen, Adams can get the 2021 first-round pick Isaac Rosen, Guard Robert Hager and a 2023 second-round pick. These are the parts that should help the team move forward.

The prospects of the two Sabres shifted to the center

Arttu Ruotsalainen and Jack Quinn produced Move to center It freezes during the prospect training camp, and when they are fully prepared for the NHL, this is where the Sabres are most likely to need them. Please note that they may enter the lineup before they are fully prepared for the big show, this is entirely out of necessity.

For a team that lost Reinhardt and won’t have it again Jack Eichel For a full season (if he joins the team), there is a Organizational defects in the middleThis is why these two men are prepared to take on this role.Sabre through center Marco Rossi And Cole Perfetti in the 2020 draft, but in hindsight it is always 20/20.

Quinn played some centers for Amox in the American Hockey League last season, while Rosalainen played many positions in Finland. So both of them are familiar with each other. The organization believes that both have the conditions needed to effectively assume the role, and time will prove their adaptability to it. Amerks’ assistant coach and former Sabre coach Michael Peca is already working with Quinn and is likely to spend time with them during their transition.

Sabres and Luukkonen start the game together

Appel confirmed on Friday that the main goalkeeper Uko-Pekka Lukonen will start in the first game of the Rookie Championship. “He has felt very good in the past few days of training.” The Big Finn is recovering. Injured his ankle in his fourth NHL match Since the offseason of last season, the recovery seems to be on track. Appel said he is confident that he is ready to set off tonight.

Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen Finland
Sabres prospect Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen. (Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images)

Although there are several big names on the prospect list, there are also several players who have not been selected this weekend. Prior to Friday morning’s action, Appert was asked why so many unknowns are getting attention. “Our scouts like them very much,” he said frankly. “Just because they were not selected-there are a lot of players in the NHL who were not selected. When they came here, they wanted to show that their game still has room for improvement. They are versatile. For them, they are not only We show ourselves and show ourselves to other teams here.”

Now start working hard to make the Sabers a more challenging team. This is why the first practice on Thursday focused on ice hockey combat and ball control training. “If you can’t win an ice hockey match, you are always defending,” Appel said. “If you can’t put the team in an uncomfortable situation under pressure, then you are always defending.”

Sabres prospect’s first practice first practice: ice hockey battle. It’s no secret that Buffalo needs to become more difficult to deal with.

Too many times last year, other teams walked into the KeyBank Center and promoted Sabers. Apert is now trying to change this situation, and Granato will continue where he left in training camp next week.

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