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Ellis proposed the biennial Women’s World Cup to expand the international schedule to develop women’s football

Two-time World Cup champion coach Jill Ellis (Jill Ellis) proposed to host the biennial Women’s World Cup and expand the international competition schedule as part of the development of the future development and reform of women’s football. Ellis, who leads the FIFA Technical Advisory Group, also said that the scope of Olympic football matches should exceed 12 teams.

In recent months, FIFA, led by its head of global football development, Arsene Wenger, has submitted a Similar transformation The proposal for the men’s international competition has been opposed by the football world, including the Federation, UEFA and CONMEBOL.

The Women’s Football Technical Advisory Group-composed of players, coaches and other key stakeholders from across the football world-aims to lead the future progress of the women’s game and its international competition calendar. Ellis said that the biennial Women’s World Cup will ultimately be decided by voting, adding that the World Cup is a catalyst for increasing the visibility of women’s football matches and creating new ways.

“We had a good conversation and people put forward their ideas. I can’t say that this is a foregone conclusion. I have told people that I need you to discuss enthusiastically through your views and experiences, but I also ask them to appreciate other points of view. I asked the current players to say: “I never thought about it, I really didn’t think about how the rest of the world went through their qualifiers. There are many positive factors for the World Cup. This is a democratic country and will eventually vote,” the 55-year-old said in a media interaction.

Ellis emphasized the need to make recommendations and arguments for women’s games rather than men’s games, and at the same time seek to reorganize the women’s schedule.

“We are paying attention to the number. We cannot have the same arguments as men’s football. We did a study. We selected a French international player from the men’s and women’s football. He played in the domestic league and turned out to be a male player. There are 30 more games played in the season than female players. Our arguments need to be focused on our sport and the challenges we face,” she said.

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Ellis proposed the idea of ​​increasing the number of international windows from three to five. “A lot of people have not seen the five-window calendar. We are bringing this idea to a wider audience to digest. The women’s competition calendar will not be the best. We have quickly established this model process through this consulting group, and people Need to digest this and give us feedback.

“As far as the calendar is concerned, there must be trade-offs. People will fight for their positions, and I respect that, but my duty is to look at everyone sitting at the table. At this point, we are just expanding Suggestions at the window,” said the British-born American coach.

In a statement last week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sought to discuss the biennial World Cup plan and pointed out that women’s football will be affected by the annual men’s game.

In response to the statement, Ellis said: “I’m not a political animal, but if we really care about women’s games, let’s make it a tournament. [Olympics] More than 12 countries. If we want to increase visibility, we need more teams to participate and get involved. I see it as a player and a coach, and I want it to become bigger. In this case, I think every little girl has more opportunities to play this game, and players also have more opportunities to express their opinions and get what they deserve. I don’t think this is negative.Owns 12 teams [in the Olympics], I think this did not show our game to the level I think it can be done. I like the Olympics, I just think that the teams that can participate in the competition are very limited. “

She added: “The Olympic Games has a special place, but we need to realize that it only has three European teams, and because of the size of the tournament, it has not allowed many people to experience this. I don’t think it has the potential to expand. Because it’s part of a major event like the Olympics. I’m more focused on what we can control within FIFA and make recommendations. I hope to see more European teams join in.”

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