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Edmundson, Bergevin, Mellanby, etc.

In this week’s Montreal Canadiens news and rumors outline, we will break down the crazy week in Montreal, which shows that the term of general manager (GM) Marc Bergevin ended earlier than expected. This may be the chairman of the supplementary team at the front desk, etc. Wait.

Joel Edmundson is about to return

Joel Edmundson Since the start of the season, he has been absent due to undisclosed lower limb injuries. His recovery time is longer than expected, but he is now skating with the team in training and is close to returning.

#Habs Dominique Ducharme said that Joel Edmundson is returning to the lineup in the right direction, but he needs some practice before entering the game to get him in full contact. Edmundson will not participate in Monday’s game against Vancouver.

Although Edmundson is not expected to return to the lineup in the next few days, he may be approved by the team doctor this week. For a team that ranks 32nd in the number of goals scored by the NHL, his return has not been fast enough to help consolidate the top four.

Melanby exits

During the Canadians vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game on Saturday, November 27, news broke on TV and social media that team owner Jeff Molson had made some changes to his hockey operations management team.

According to reports, Assistant General Manager (AGM) Scott Mellanby (Scott Mellanby) accepted an interview for the role of general manager and possibly team president.

I heard that Scott Mellanby had extensive talks with Habs boss Geoff Molson to become General Motors, and then became possible president of hockey operations. But yesterday he was told that he was out. So he resigned today.

Pierre LeBlanc buried the leadership a bit, and Melanby interviewed for General Motors. This tells us that Marc Bergevin will definitely leave. This will be his last season as general manager in Montreal.This is also Officially announced Melanby is a Canadian who resigned.

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According to Le Brun, his resignation was because he did not consider taking on any new roles, and after many years of playing for the Canadians, Melanby had hoped to move upwards in his career is completely justified. If there is no such possibility, it may be a better choice to move on, especially if a new general manager wants to bring in his own employees.

Belgwen was surprised

According to reports, on the TVA post-match show on Saturday, November 27th, Bergevin asked Mellanby to be his successor. Do not know the decision not to accept the suggestion.

However, Bergevin should not be surprised that Molson is now starting to make these decisions. The Canadians are struggling in the standings with a 6-15-2 record and there is little hope of recovery this season. In addition, this is his last season, because General Motors forced Molson to find a replacement. It seems that his choice to leave Belgeven and his carefully selected staff are the part that Belgeven did not expect. However, this is an option that a large portion of the fan base has already prepared.

The general manager can speak bilingual

Chris Johnson of TSN Hockey reported that the Canadians will hire a French-speaking or bilingual general manager.

Due to the chaotic state of the #habs front desk, it is widely expected in the industry that the organization will seek a French General Motors when replacing Marc Bergevin.

Canadian fans may see this announcement and think it is an obvious step. However, outside of the Montreal hockey market, the situation is not so obvious. The Quebec market and the unique language needs of the media make it necessary to have French-speaking managers and coaches. In a province dominated by language and cultural news, this is also a very important issue. Regardless of fairness or not, Canadians are at the core of Quebec’s culture and identity.

The new president?

In the pre-match show of Montreal and Pittsburgh at the Canadian Hockey Night (HNIC), Elliotte Friedman (Elliotte Friedman) published a blockbuster claiming that the Canadians had been approved to compete with the former New York Rangers. General Manager Jeff Gorton (Jeff Gorton) talking.

Later tonight, but I heard that Montreal has the right to talk to former New York Times Jeff Gordon. Don’t believe that this is a position for GM, but another role. We will see how it develops.

This is an important step for Habs, because they have been opposed to hiring the president of ice hockey operations, while Molson gave Bergevin complete autonomy.He even went Say why he didn’t hire A president:

“I have no intention of hiring another hockey chairman. Few teams in the NHL do this for many reasons. Mark is one of the most respected general managers in hockey. He is also one of the most experienced people around him. They are all experienced people…such as Scott Mellanby, Martin Lapointe and John Sedgewick. The whole team has a culture around Mark, never be afraid to question the decisions we make.”

Jeff Molson

The fact that Molson accepted the president’s ideas indicated that he wanted to leave the Belgaven regime and chose to follow the new plan. Gorton has experience as a general manager and can be trusted to supervise the team during the transition to the next general manager. He can even give the organization enough time to find candidates suitable for new directions that Canadians may take.

Patrick Roy is not in the plan

There is no doubt that fans will start looking for a name that can become the next general manager of the Canadians. A popular choice among fans is the Hockey Hall of Fame members and Montreal legends, Patrick Roy.

According to Jeff Marek of HNIC, no one called Roy or his camp about this possible role. It is extremely unlikely to reach him, especially when Molson is focused on finding the president of hockey operations. The person who eventually assumes the role will start looking for candidates. Although Roy has ancestry in Montreal and is bilingual, he does have a reputation as someone who needs complete autonomy to satisfy him. If he must be accountable to the president, he is unlikely to have this autonomy.

As the NHL season continues, please pay close attention to our THW podcast network for the latest Canadian news, notes and rumors.

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