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Edmonton Oilers’ Nimelainen defeated the young defender

The young guard of the Edmonton Oilers was full of excitement. Evan Bouchard, Who was selected 10day Overall, in 2018, he has played the most minutes in Edmonton. The Oilers cabinet is full of rookies, 22-year-old Dmitri Samorukov (Dmitri Samorukov) and others, along with the Bakersfield Condors, have emerged in the American Hockey League.

A recent rash of injuries to veterans in the Edmonton logistics area caused multiple defensive players to be recalled to Bakersfield. First is the 25-year-old William Lagson, who has played several games with the Oilers in the past two seasons, and Philip Broberg, who is the 8th overall pick in 2019.

The least recalled blue informant, 23-year-old Marcus Nimelainen, Arrived on November 30By Thursday (December 9), he was the only recruiter still in the lineup, playing his fifth game in Edmonton’s home game against the Boston Bruins.

Although the Oilers lost the game 3-2, it was not because the former member of the Saginaw Spirit team of the Ontario Hockey League lacked consistent performance. Edmonton selected him with 63 points.road The overall situation in 2016. Nimelainen made a team-high 5 hits and swept the puck from Jack Debruske when the Bruce forward was about to bury the cookie and prevented a definite goal.

The Finnish Tempere product has received 24 hits since it was called, three times as many as any other oiler during this period.He also has 8 blocked shots, ranking second in the team in the past five games, second only to NHL’s historic district leader, Chris Russell.

The best young people

The 21-year-old Broberg made a deep impression on his Edmonton debut, but has been struggling lately, having scored negative for six consecutive games before returning. Thursday to Bakersfield When Edmonton activated Cody Ceci from the COVID agreement.

Since Nurse Darnell was activated from the injury reserve last weekend, Rajson has only worn it four times and has been a healthy injury in the past three games.He seems to have fallen out of favor with Oilers coach Dave Tippet. Last Sunday (December 5), his agent Alan Walsh lashed out at Edmonton’s bench boss In tweet.

At the same time, Nimelainen won Tipite’s favor while becoming a young defender, and now they can help the Oilers the most because they hope to get rid of their four consecutive losses after Thursday’s defeat.

Bring stamina

Nimelainen’s mentality and size not only distinguish him from other young blue line players, but also distinguish him from any other player on Edmonton’s current roster.

A 6-foot-5 player who weighs 205 pounds has a body shape, knows how to use it, and is not afraid to do so. In fact, he likes to show his face very much, and has the speed to put those malice into practice, instead of being thrown in the dust and holding the air.

Marcus Nimelainen and the spirit of Saginaw. (Photo by Terry Wilson/OHL)

This element of the Niemelainen game has been around since he was in the Saginaw era and has been fully demonstrated in the Condors. Nevertheless, it is one thing to be the big fish in the AHL pond, and it is another thing to swim with the sharks in the NHL waters, and Nimelainen has transitioned seamlessly. Among defensive players who have played at least five games this season, he ranks second in the NHL with an average of 19.83 blocks per 60 minutes.

“He is a competitive person, really competitive,” Tippet said of Nimelainen in the coach’s game. Media availability after Edmonton’s defeat On Tuesday (December 7), go wild in Minnesota.

“He has enough size and weight to participate in the kind of game you like. There are some ice hockey things he will have to continue to improve… But Nimelainen really tasted it for the first time, doing It’s not bad.”

The future is bright

Nimelainen made only one field goal with the Oilers and didn’t score. Of course, he can develop better offensively. Before joining Bakersfield, Nimelainen played 161 in the four seasons of the Swedish Hockey League (2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, played for HPK; 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, played for Assat) Only contributed 3 goals and 12 assists in the game.

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But on the defensive side, Nimelainen has proven to be rock solid, which is particularly impressive, considering not only his age, but also his experience: Thursday’s game was only 40.day As a professional player of Niemelainen in North America, he played 35 games for Bakersfield in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.

There is already speculation that the Oilers might keep Nimelainen in Edmonton, even after veteran guards Dunken Keith and Slater Cook Kock returned from the injured reserve.It just seems more likely now, at least for now, in Russell was hit and injured Thursday; after the game, Tipit says “It doesn’t look good” and “I think he might miss some time.”

As the Oilers have experienced the biggest downturn in more than two years, this is a difficult time for the oil country. Nimelainen’s performance is at least one thing that makes Edmonton feel good.

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Brian is a sports writer and broadcaster in Edmonton. His experience includes serving as a sports reporter for the Edmonton Sun, where he covered the Edmonton Petroleum Kings’ 2013-14 Memorial Cup championship season.

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