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Edmonton Oilers’ 5 top NHL debuts

*This was originally published in April 2021

At some point Edmonton Oilers The next few games, maybe when they visit the Winnipeg Jets on Monday and Wednesday, Ryan McLeod Will debut in the NHL.

“He has the hockey smile that everyone likes to see, and he likes the sport.” #Oilers 2018 second-round pick Ryan McLeod will make his debut @NHL this week because he can join the team for today’s Train and fly to Winnipeg.

Fans have every reason to be excited about the 21-year-old center. He has Recall from the Bakersfield Condors In the AHL game last week, he scored 14 goals and 14 assists in 28 games this season. The Oilers will be happy to see McLeod’s name on his score sheet in his debut, but they won’t count on it. after all, Wayne Gretzky He didn’t score in his first NHL game.nor Conor McDavid.

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Only more than 20 players scored a goal in their NHL debut against the Oilers, so on the occasion of McLeod’s upcoming first game, let’s review five of the NHL debuts in the history of the team. Top games.

Kevin Low

October 10, 1979-Oilers of the Chicago Blackhawks

The first goal scored by the team is rare, and the first goal scored by the team in your first game is even rarer.

Kevin Low, Edmonton’s first NHL draft selection (21Yingshi In the 1979 Finals), when he backhanded the puck over the future Hall of Fame player Tony Esposito midway through the opening phase of the Oilers’ first NHL game, he scored a powerful ball. It did just that, in the iconic Chicago Stadium against the Blackhawks.

The 20-year-old defender did not make history: late in the third quarter, he gave up the gloves with veteran Grant Mulvey and was evaluated as Edmonton’s first fighting major, with one goal and two goals. A shot, a bonus ended his night early-a rating, and a seven-minute penalty.

Jason Arnott

October 6, 1993-Oilers vs. San Jose Sharks

As Edmonton’s highest draft pick in more than a decade (the 7th overall pick in 1993), the hype surrounding Jason Arnott reached a climax even before he was skating in the 1993-94 season because the Oilers The team started based on the remnants of their dynasty era.

On the opening night of the Northlands Coliseum, each seat on the 300th floor was priced at $7 (Arnott’s uniform number). The rookie center lived up to expectations and scored the winning goal in a powerful game. A five-hole San Jose Sharks Goalkeeper Artus Ilbe broke the 2-2 tie with 7:17 remaining in the game.

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No one has ever been accused of being shy. Arnott was also punished for violating sportsmanship after saying something that made the officials dissatisfied (from “Weighta Go!; Arnott won third place; Doug led The Oilers beat the Sharks” Edmonton Magazine, July 10, 83).

Ilya Baikin

November 6, 1993-The St. Louis Blues Oiler

Bai Jin played one of the best offensive performances of Edmonton players in his NHL debut, scoring and assisting twice in the St. Louis Arena game against the Blues.

The Russian defender scored the team-leading three-pointer in just 15 minutes and 42 seconds between the second and third quarters; he assisted Shayne Corson and Zdeno Ciger to score and then defeated the Blues at 8 minutes and 51 seconds of the third quarter Goalkeeper Curtis Joseph got a strong offense, temporarily giving the Oilers a 5-4 lead.

It is worth mentioning that money worship is not a novice. In Edmonton (267day 1993). He does not meet the NHL criteria for being considered a rookie.

Jordan Eberle

October 7, 2010-Oilers vs. Calgary Fire

Jordan Eberle Suitable for playing more than 500 games with the Oilers, but if he left an indelible impression during his time in Edmonton, it was his first time.

In the opening moments of the third quarter, Edmonton maintained a 1-0 lead, while the Calgary Flames played a strong role. Oilers guard Jim Van der Meer fed the puck to Eberly. The latter broke through his penalty zone in two rounds-one with Captain Sean Khokov. Eberle showed shrewdness far beyond 20 years old, waiting for Calgary’s Ian While promise to drag the puck to the sliding Flames defender, then defeated goalkeeper Mikka Kiprusoff backhand, driving the sold-out Rexall Place audience into madness.

Eberle’s vacant goal may be the most exciting game of the Oilers’ 2010-11 season. The first star of the game.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

October 9, 2011-Oilers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Months after being selected No. 1 pick in the 2011 Sao Paulo Draft, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins officially introduced himself to the NHL, facing the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins at Rexall Place. Nugent Hopkins was the only oiler to pass the ball to network administrator Brent Johnson before the penalty shoot-out. With less than 5 minutes left in the third quarter, he scored A backhand equalized the score to 1-1.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins Edmonton Oilers
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Edmonton Oilers (Photo: Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

The 18-year-old forward ended the game with 3 shots and 2 minutes of free throws. He skated 19 classes, recorded an ice time of 17:04, and led the Oilers with a relative Corsi of 28.7.

Nugent Hopkins is one of two current Oilers to score in his NHL debut. The other is winger Jesse Puljujarvi, an oiler who recently achieved this feat. He scored in a 7-4 victory over Calgary in the first regular season at Rogers Square on October 12, 2016.

McLeod will be the first and possibly the only player to make his NHL debut for the Oilers this season. On January 31, the goalkeeper Stuart Skinner started his first NHL game, Supported Edmonton’s 8-5 victory over the visiting Ottawa Senator.

Brian is a sports writer and broadcaster in Edmonton. His experience includes serving as a sports reporter for the Edmonton Sun, where he covered the 2013-14 Memorial Cup championship season for the Edmonton Petroleum Kings.

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