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Easy swing at Stonebridge Golf Club in New Orleans, big or small

Spotlight: Easy swing at Stonebridge Golf Club in New Orleans, big or small

We can’t get enough of New Orleans: food…people…celebration…

How about the fairway! The local golf course is bustling, there are neatly arranged gatherings in the city, and another gathering on the West Bank.

Quick Travel Tip: The “West Bank” is actually east of the New Orleans Central Business District, on the west bank of the winding Mississippi River. (This is not the only local jargon required to bypass NoLa).

One of the best golf courses on the New Orleans market is Stonebridge Golf Club In Gretna. This semi-private club not only has an affordable 18-hole championship course, but also a 9-hole course The Harvey Course, suitable for beginners and fast, casual rounds.

Given that we are at the mouth of the river, you can expect a lot of water obstacles throughout the round. Among them is the par-3 fifth hole, which is only 141 yards from the back tee, but needs to be dexterously brought the pond to the shallow green.

At the same time, Harvey’s nine-hole is a 35-shot layout, just over 3,000 yards away.

In recent years, Stonebridge’s golf course has received some TLC, and one of the bunker renovation projects is particularly prominent.

“The pace of the game is great,” the golf consultant commentator wrote.Hal Simono“The condition of the court is very good. The green is played fast and fast. The putting is very real.”

This The review also thanks the staff Measures taken to ensure a safe environment for COVID-19 in the stadium and throughout the clubhouse.

Speaking of great resonance, Stonebridge has been stepping up the game. They host the Cornhole tournament every Monday night (the public is welcome!), and senior citizens can participate in league events every Tuesday and Thursday morning. The clubhouse is currently undergoing a large-scale upgrade. The barbecue, golf shop and banquet hall are all being upgraded, which will bring a richer food and beverage menu, and a swimming pool will be added by spring 2021.

The clubhouse of Stonebridge Golf Club

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