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Earl Eddings resigns as chairman of Australian cricket

The chairman of the Australian cricket team Earl Eddings resigned on Wednesday, the day before he will run for re-election at the annual general meeting of the board of shareholders.

CA said in a statement on Wednesday that director Richard Freudenstein has been appointed as chairman and will serve for a short period of time until a permanent replacement is elected.

Edins is under pressure after New South Wales and Queensland withdrew their support for him this week.

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“As the Australian Cricket Director, it is an honor and honor to be able to serve the sport I love,” Edins said.

“I sincerely hope that after my resignation, the state and territory associations can unite and work together for the best interests of cricket, so that cricket will return to the sport before the 2021-22 season.”

Edins succeeded David Peever in 2018, after the former chairman resigned after issuing harsh cultural comments following the Newlands tampering ball scandal.

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