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Du Bois of the Jets faces the blue jacket for the first time since the big deal

Last January, the general manager of the Winnipeg Jets, Kevin Cheveldayoff (Kevin Cheveldayoff) Pull the trigger in the biggest deal of his career and send a disgruntled winger Patrick Lane And concentrated Jack Roslovich to the Columbus Blue Jackets Pierre-Luc DuboisCoincidentally, he was also dissatisfied with his situation in Ohio. These three players are all first-round picks, but the focus of the trade is Ryan. He was selected by the Jets with the second overall pick in the 2016 NHL draft, and Du Bois happened to be selected third by the Jets. The next pick selected overall. Columbus.

Pierre-Luc Du Bois will face the Columbus Blue Jackets for the first time since being traded to the Jets in January. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Tonight will be the first time he has faced his former teammate or set foot on the National Arena, home of the Blue Jackets. However, he will not face his former head coach John Tortorella, who did not get a new contract at the end of last season, and his hot personality and fierce press conference clearly showed that he was very good at Dubo. Iss dissatisfied.Nor will he play against Ryan, who is currently on the injury bench, until Oblique strain appeared in mid-December.

Du Bois struggles after the trade

In his first season with the Jets, Du Bois was undeniable. In the Columbus trade drama to this day, he has never publicly explained why he wanted to leave.There is speculation about his relationship with Tortorella unfixable. The simple fact is that, for whatever reason, his game has been affected by drama outside the ice. His time on the ice reflects that Tortorella has benched him twice and made it clear that he is against Dubo. Iss dissatisfied.

After the deal was announced, Du Bois quarantined for 14 days before meeting with his teammates, and then worked hard to find his place in the established list. The lack of routines, anxiety and mental exhaustion in Columbus, and a new club with new momentum in the shortened and unpredictable season of Covid completely lost the 22-year-old, and his games and statistics reflect this. Jets fans don’t know if Cheveldayoff messed up with this deal.

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In an interview with Du Bois at the end of the season, it is commendable that he said that he will refocus his attention and regain his health, and is ready to make more contributions in the 2021-22 season.That is His promise! In the first 17 games of the season, he scored 10 goals and contributed 6 assists, scored 8 consecutive points, and he averaged nearly 20 minutes per game. But there is a set of statistics that truly reflects his level of play this season, and that is his ability to bring the ball into the net.

The improvement of Du Bois may cause trouble for the blue jacket

In 17 games this season, he has shot 54 times. Last year, he made only 69 shots in 41 games with the Jets! This is almost twice the number of shots per game. In addition to this increase, there is also the simple fact that his 10 goals so far are two more than his total goals in the Jets last season, and he is currently moving towards 48 goals this year. The goal of the goal is moved forward. In contrast, Player being traded Because Du Bois also does not fairing. Ryan scored 3 goals in 9 games and Roslovich only scored 2 goals in 16 games. If you do math, this is what I am good at (the retired math teacher is here) and they are trying to score 37 goals…together! These will be the sum of each player’s current speed, unless injured, and it has already been mentioned that Ryan is recovering from one.

Curtis McElheini, Pierre-Luc Dubois
As the offensive leader of the Blue Jackets, Du Bois re-established his role in the Jets. (AP Photo/Griblum)

No one would argue that Du Bois did not play for the Jets this season. He can be said to be the team’s MVP, but at the end of last season, there must be some doubt that the Jets’ general manager signed a bad deal. . Lane should be the jet’s offensive axis for the next few years, as is Columbus’s Du Bois. For different reasons, both players needed and demanded changes. They were changed, but only one person gave their new team the same offensive data as their previous team.

It will be interesting how Du Bois will be welcomed when he steps on the ice.There will be some ridicule in the crowd because he was not popular when he was traded, and it was not a happy fan group that saw him being traded. Many people thought it was just Time he leftHopefully this young man can also get a little respect, he retuned and retuned his game in another city and flourished earlier this year. Obviously, we won’t know until the game time.

Keith Forsyth, a freelance writer and sports fan from rural Manitoba, is covering Winnipeg Jets for The Hockey Writers. Keith loves all sports and is a big fan of the NFL (Scor Vikings…if you know, you know) and Montreal Expo (they are back…you see!). He recently retired from teaching high school in education, where his greatest passion is mentoring young athletes. He brings you the same logic, and behind the bench-type approach, he provides insights into the NHL, especially the Jets.For interview request or content information, please follow Keith on Twitter Or his social media account.They appear under the photo of his article Like this.

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