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Domi, Roslovich, goalkeeper, etc.

Welcome back to the blue jacket news and rumors.Since we last spoke, they have played four games and won three of the four games, including Win 7-4 in Buffalo on Monday night.

In that game, in particular, two players performed well. This will be our focus this week.We will discuss the importance of Max Domie Joining this team with Jack Roslovich and how each of them needs to move forward every night. Then we will look at the current goalkeepers and see where they stand.

Max Domi felt it

What a wonderful season Dormy has experienced. From a broken rib to being placed in the Covid-19 agreement, in only 16 games this season, he had to endure some challenging situations. It is commendable that he maintained a positive attitude from beginning to end. In Buffalo on Monday night, he demonstrated his abilities.

Dormy released a 1-2-3 line and scored +4 that night. Every time they are on the ice, his route dominates. Sabers did not give them an answer. What stands out is his speed and his skill.

Going out for stretching exercises can help look fresher. But Dormy seemed to be playing with the target all night. He was playing a creative role, including an assist for Roslovich’s second goal, he danced around the defender of the Sabre, and then hit Roslovich with a pass. This is the reason why Blue Jackets acquired Domi. When he is on the court, he can influence the game.

After the game, Dormy only cared about one thing: winning the game. He was asked about his 1-2-3 performance. “I don’t care,” Domi said. “It’s just a huge victory, so we will accept it. It’s fun to play when we win. It’s not easy to come back from Vegas. But we found a way. I think it shows a lot of character.”

Roslovich went on to say that Domi was the one who took this route. “I think he is really good. He is very talkative. He is very supportive. He is an energy ball.”

Looking at the overall situation, getting this kind of contribution from Domi is crucial to the development of the rest of the season. He has an impact with the Blue Jackets. He must continue to play like this all the time. He quickly proved it. But now is the question of stringing these games together.

Dom’s appearance will also help deep scoring this season. It seems that he and Roslovich had a good chemical reaction together. Domi is an important part of getting Roslovich to get rid of Schneider. We will go there next.

Jack Roslovich finally broke through

Roslovich did not score in the first 15 games. His playing time is very short and it looks like he is trying to find his own game. However, on Monday night, he achieved the first two goals of the season. It flipped the game from 1-0 Sabres to 2-1 Blue Jackets, making this another victory.

Admittedly, the first goal was a bit lucky. Roslovich said the same thing after the game. He was able to slice the puck past Dustin Tokarski, and then it slipped in. Then the second goal was a wonderful play by Domi, which created the conditions for him.

Like Domi, although Roslovich struggled early, his focus was on the team. “I think this is my job, and it is important to do this,” Roslovich said. But you have also learned a lot, and you have been learning continuously. There are many ways to help the team win, and we have been playing very well. This is a good road trip and a good way to end it. “

Jack Roslovich scored his first two goals of the season on Monday. (Jamie Sabao/NHLI via Getty Images)

Roslovich has proven that he can be a difference maker on the offensive end. He is still learning the role of center from a defensive perspective. The blue jacket needs him to be stable every night like Dom. Their presence will provide them with three solid lines that threaten to score. Then take Sean Kuraly’s lines into account, and you have a team that can scroll four lines to you.

Head coach Brad Larson responded to Roslovich and Domi’s feelings about the importance of their success after the game. “We need that,” Larson said. “I am sure (Roslovich) this is a release. Scorers and offensive players, when they spend a night like this, you can immediately see how they feel. They have more time on the ice, they We played very well tonight. This is a very good line.”

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Expect this pair of partners to stay together as their teammates move forward. Each of them brings an element of speed and skill that is difficult to defend. Their appearance should open up opportunities for other lines. Their key is to bring it every night. Monday night is exactly what you want to see from them. They make the blue jacket look like a threat.

Metzlikins VS Corpisallo

Since we are in Thanksgiving week, this seems to be a good time to check the status of the Blue Jackets goalkeeper. Elvis Merzlikins and Joonas Korpisalo have made several starts. So how did they perform?

Let’s start from the surface. This is their data after the game on Monday.

  • Melz Likins: 10 games. 7-3-0, 2.69 goals-average, 0.918 save rate.
  • Corpisalo: 6 games. 3-3-0, 3.63 goals-average, 0.894 save rate.

If you stop there, it seems obvious who is the better goalkeeper. But we do need to understand some points more deeply. Mainly, how does their performance compare to expectations? Does it tell the same story?

Provided by Natural Statistics Techniques, Here are some other figures. It does confirm that Merzlikins is better, but it does raise a key point. These are in all cases.

  • Merzlikins: 27 goals against 28.3 against expected goals. GSAA is 3.09.
  • Corpisalo: 22 goals against each other, 17.14 expected goals. GSAA is -3.09.
Elvis Merzlikins Columbus Blue Jackets
Elvis Merzlikins is a better goalkeeper in almost every aspect, but Corpisallo faces more per game. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

GSAA is the goal of keeping above average. Merzlikins allowed less than 28.3 goals means that his performance was better than expected. On the contrary, Corpisallo allowed more than 17.14, which means that his performance was worse than expected.

But if you watched the game on Monday, Corpisallo has a chance to face it. He allowed a strong game goal at the end of the deflected first quarter. Then, he had to face Dylan Cozens on the flank without any dispute. Not many goalkeepers will prevent that shot. But it is commendable that Corpisallo, who performed well in the third quarter, shut it down.

This makes me wonder how many opportunities each goalkeeper faces. This stands out to me.

In 10 games, Mezlikins had to face 17 sprint opportunities, averaging 1.7 opportunities per game. At the same time, Corpisallo had to face 19 opportunities in just six games, averaging 3.17 opportunities per game. This is almost twice what Merzlikins had to face. Therefore, although Metzlikins’ data is indeed better, Corpisallo faces more sprint opportunities.

Corpisallo also saw more shots. Compared with Merzlikins’ 32.94 shots, his shots are 34.32 shots. So it does explain something that is happening, but it is clear that Merzlikins has always been a better goalkeeper.

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This still does not change the fact that the Blue Jackets have two reliable goalkeepers that can win on any given night. Corpisallo definitely has room for improvement. But the same is true for the team in front of him. But in the short term, Melz Likins should get most of the starters.

Side dish

  • Vladislav Gavrikov Scored twice on Monday night, including a winning goal. This is the first multi-ball game of his career. I hope he has enough money to pay for all these calls.
  • A new franchise record was set for the Blue Jackets on Monday night. Their two goals in the second quarter within 55 seconds were the two fastest goals in their history.
  • Larson did not participate in the morning skating game in Buffalo on Monday, but he was indeed the coach that night. He dealt with a private matter. When asked whether the matter has been dealt with or if there are other circumstances, Larsen said it has been dealt with.
  • We will extend our condolences to the death of Patrik Laine’s father Harri at the end of this week. He is still recovering from an oblique strain injury and is expected to rest for at least a few weeks. But our hearts are with Ryan and his family because of this very unfortunate news.

I am a fully qualified writer covering the Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Monsters and Erie Otters as well as the Ontario Hockey League and NHL drafts. The 2021-22 season will mark eight seasons for the hockey writers. I am also the credential manager for this site.

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