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Disney and Turner Sports announce 2021-22 NHL schedule

The 2021-22 NHL national television schedule of The Walt Disney Company and Turner Sports was announced on Thursday.

The Walt Disney Company will broadcast 103 games on ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu and ABC, of ​​which 75 games will be broadcast exclusively on ESPN+ and Hulu, 28 games will be broadcast exclusively on ESPN and ABC, and 1,000 off-court games Broadcast on ESPN+. This will include Tuesday and Thursday games throughout the regular season, as well as exclusive games on ESPN+ and Hulu every Friday to January and every Thursday for the rest of the season.

ESPN will open the doubles on the TV season on October 12. The Pittsburgh Penguins visit the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Chargers (7:30pm ET) before the expansion of the Las Vegas Golden Cavaliers, the Seattle Sea Monsters (10pm ET).

Other highlights include Kraken’s first home game against the Vancouver Canucks at the Climate Promise Arena on October 23 (10pm EST), and the Penguins on December 10 (7pm EST) Visit the Washington Capitals team.

ESPN will broadcast the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills Competition at the ABC’s Las Vegas All-Star Game on February 4. ABC will broadcast the 10 Saturday games starting in February and the NHL Thanksgiving showdown between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks on November 26 (1 p.m. ET).

ESPN, NHL, and The Walt Disney Co. reached a seven-year television, streaming, and media copyright agreement on March 10, including exclusive coverage of ABC’s Stanley Cup finals in four of their seven years , And can be on ESPN+ and additional ESPN networks.

ESPN previously announced its studio and broadcast lineup, including analysts Mark Messier, Chris Celios, Kevin Wicks and John Tortorella,and many more. Sean McDonough, Steve Levy, Leah Hextall, John Buccigross and Bob Wischusen will serve as the broadcast.

Turner Sports and NHL announced a seven-year media copyright agreement on April 27. The agreement will begin this season and continue until 2027-28 to broadcast the regular season and playoffs on TNT and TBS. Turner Sports will broadcast all the Stanley Cup finals in 2023, 2025 and 2027, one divisional finals series per season, half of the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and 72 regular season games per season , Including each of the seven seasons of the NHL Winter Classic trade.

TNT started its schedule on October 13th with a double-headed game, which includes the New York Rangers of the Capitals (7:30 PM ET) and the Black Hawks of the Colorado Avalanche (10 PM ET). This is 25 exclusive reports on Wednesday nights throughout the season, including 15 double heads. TNT will also broadcast seven weeks of Sunday afternoon games in March and April.

The 50 games broadcast on TNT include three outdoor games: the 2022 Discovery NHL Winter Classic held at the Minneapolis Target Stadium on January 1st (time to be determined), between the Blues and Minnesota Wilds On February 26 (7:30 PM ET), the 2022 Naval Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series will be held at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, home of the NFL Tennessee Titans. On March 13th (3pm EST), the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Maple Leafs will hold the 2022 Tim Horton NHL Traditional Classic at the Tim Horton Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

Other highlights of the TNT schedule include the Blackhawks at Kraken on November 17th (10pm Eastern Time); the Penguins of the Edmonton Oilers on December 1st (10pm Eastern Time); January 12th (7pm Eastern Time) The Montreal Canadiens’ Boston Bruins and the Rangers’ Maple Leafs on January 19th (7:30pm).

Turner Sports announced its studio and broadcast team on Tuesday, Including Wayne Gretzky, Anson Carter and Rick Tochet As a studio analyst, Keith Jones as an ice-level analyst, and Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk as the main broadcast team.

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