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In today’s version of Stars News & Rumors, Dallas ended their 2021 rookie tournament, the NHL announced their national television schedule for the 2021-22 season, and so on.

Star prospects grow in prospect tournaments

After the Stars played four games in Traverse City, Michigan, the 2021 Prospect Championship ended on Monday. Although the team lost three of the four games, the growth of their young players is more important.

“For me, there are a lot of positives. Even from the first game to the second game, you can see some growth. It’s impressive to see people grabbing more of it. The first game everyone I’m very nervous, so I’m very happy to see progress.”

– Texas Stars head coach Neil Graham

In these games, some players have come forward, while others are struggling to find a foothold.Outstanding performers are Ty Dellandrea, Riley Tufte and Riley Damiani. Crack the NHL lineup, And young people Jacob Peterson, Wyatt Johnston, and the maverick Burke. Delandria is the only player in this group with NHL experience, while Johnston (23rd overall in 2021) and Burke (30th overall in 2020) are the most recent picks.

Star prospect Wyatt Johnston (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

“I definitely think some of the players in the past two draft classes looked good. Burke, he jumped out on the first night. Johnston was very good the next night.”

— Neil Graham

Unfortunately, not all players have lived up to the hype. Since he signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Stars from the University of North Dakota in April, expectations have been high for rookie goalkeeper Adam Scheer.Jake Oettinger set to Fight for NHL characters, Scheer needs to step up his efforts to get important playing time in the American Hockey League this season. In the two starters of the tournament, he performed poorly, scoring 11 goals in five periods. He was pulled in the second quarter of two games.

Adam Scheel went through a difficult game. 11 goals are allowed in five stages, and there are not many shots. Although he was eliminated in the third game against Detroit on Thursday, he was pulled to a late position in the second quarter of both starts.

Overall, after the Prospects Championship, the prospects have improved a lot, but there are also many positive signs that are coming.

Stars Prospect Championship results

  • Detroit Red Wings 5, Dallas Stars 4
  • Columbus Blue Jacket 5, Dallas Star 4
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 7, Dallas Stars 3
  • Dallas Star 7, St. Louis Blues 3

Three Swedes: Back, Karlstrom and Peterson adapt to North America

Peterson is one of the most impressive players in this tournament. However, he is only one of three Swedish players, including Oscar Baker and Frederick Kallstrom, who are trying to adapt to the smaller North American skating rink for the first time.

“This is a challenge for them, and this is the purpose of holding such a competition. You want to represent them in a highly competitive situation, so that these people can adapt and adjust. You will find that some people adjust quickly. Some people need longer time. There is no crystal ball, so you just need to work every day, every game, and strive to make progress. This is all to get used to different spatial awareness.”

— Neil Graham

Peterson scored three goals in four games, while Baker and Karlstrom showed their potential. When they hope to play their first season in the AHL, all three must continue to adapt to the pitch and playing style of the smaller rink.

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Stars will participate in 11 national television broadcast competitions

In the first season of signing a new TV contract with ESPN, the NHL recently announced the complete schedule of the national TV broadcast competition. The star team will be the focus of the spotlight 11 times this season, ranking among the best in the league. The nationally televised game will be broadcast on ESPN/ESPN+, Hulu and TNT.

Star National TV Program List

  • October 22 vs. Los Angeles Kings
  • November 16 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • November 23 vs. Edmonton Oilers
  • December 8th at the Vegas Golden Cavaliers
  • Blues in St. Louis on December 17
  • Avalanche in Colorado on December 29
  • January 25th at the New Jersey Devils
  • Go wild in Minnesota on March 6
  • Hurricane in Carolina on March 24
  • April 12 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Go wild against Minnesota on April 14

The star team will start the regular season 24 days later. Next is the training camp in Frisco, starting on September 23, when many of the team’s biggest questions will be answered.

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