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Despite the current status, Narine will not be included in WI’s T20WC lineup-Pollard

According to captain Keelung Pollard, although Sunil Narien has performed well in the ongoing IPL, the West Indies will resist the temptation to add Sunil Narien to its T20 World Cup squad.

Since the league resumed in the UAE, Narine has scored 11 wickets in eight IPL matches. On Monday, he scored four wickets in the IPL knockout round, To help the Kolkata Cavaliers defeat the Royal Challenger Bangalore.

Since August 2019, Narine has not played any international cricket matches, which forced the defending champion West Indies to ignore his health when announcing the World Cup lineup.

The deadline for the International Criminal Court to change the team will end on Friday.

Pollard said: “If I add my two cents or the reason I don’t include him, then it may be rotated-like how he bowls on these wickets in Sharjah-in In all different directions,” ESPN reviews.

“Let us deal with the 15 players here in time, which is more important, to see if we can unite around these players and see if we can defend our championship title.

“I don’t have any comment on this. I have said enough. I think people have explained why he was not selected at this time. Personally, before the international cricket players, I first met Sunil Narine as a friend” We grew up playing cricket together. He is a world-class cricketer. “

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However, Pollard is keen to add all-around player Andre Russell to the team. Due to injury, Russell has not participated in any IPL competitions since September 26.

Before Russell joined the West Indies camp, he could not say anything. “Before I make any assumptions about what he can or cannot do, we need to first evaluate as a team,” Pollard said.

“We have not had a chance to meet him. We have received reports on what he did. I don’t want to try to say what he can or can’t do at this time.

“He is a key figure for our team and we want him to perform 100% well, but we have to deal with what is in front of us.”

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