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Denmark wears clothes with “critical messages” during the World Cup in Qatar

At the World Cup to be held in Qatar next year, the Danish national football team will wear a “human rights message” on training uniforms.

Denmark won a place in the game last month. After the qualifying round, the Danish Football Association said on Wednesday that it had initiated a series of “key initiatives.”

Qatar has been criticized for reports of discriminatory laws and conditions for migrant workers in the country preparing for the World Cup.

The Danish Football Federation, known as the DBU, stated that the two sponsors of training clothes will avoid exposure to the clothes, but instead carry “critical information and markings.”

The Netherlands deserves to participate in the World Cup-Van Dijk

The federation added that it will also minimize the number of trips to Qatar by staff and partners, so “the main purpose of participating in the World Cup finals is to participate in sports, not to promote the events of the World Cup organizers.”

“The DBU has long strongly criticized the Qatar World Cup, but now we are further strengthening our efforts and critical dialogue so that we can take advantage of the fact that we are qualified to bring more changes to the country and work hard,” said Jacob, Managing Director of the Danish Football Federation Bu Jensen said.

The federation added that it will “continuously conduct due diligence” on the selection of its hotels and other services in Qatar to ensure that labor rights are respected. It also stated that it would consider the possibility of taking new measures to improve the situation in Qatar.

In 2010, Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in a controversial FIFA vote, triggering a corruption investigation into the entire bidding process. FIFA did not find evidence to prove the deprivation of Qatar’s hosting rights.

The natural gas-rich emirate has spent tens of billions of dollars to build hotels, new transportation systems and luxurious stadiums to cope with events.

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