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Del Piero, Trezeguet to Baggio: Who are the top ten goalscorers in Juventus history?

Cristiano Ronaldo played 134 times for Juventus in just three seasons, scoring 101 goals…

Juventus is the most successful club in Italy, with 59 major domestic trophies, including 36 Serie A champions, 14 Italian Cup champions and 9 Italian Cup champions. They also won the Serie B championship in the 2006-07 season. In Europe, the Bianconeri have won two UEFA Champions League, three UEFA Leagues and two UEFA Super Cup trophies.

The legendary Italian striker Alessandro Del Piero (Alessandro Del Piero) is the player with the most goals in the club’s history, scoring 290 goals in 705 games in 19 years. At Juventus, Del Piero won six Serie A titles and a Champions League trophy. He is also the most played football player in the club’s history.

Former France international David Trezeguet, who has played for the club for 10 seasons, became the fourth-highest scorer in club history with 171 goals. Another Italian football legend, Roberto Baggio (Roberto Baggio) also appeared in this list, he ranked ninth with 115 goals. Baggio wore Juventus jerseys from 1990 to 1995.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus 2021-22

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus in 2018 at the age of 34 and left the club for Manchester United in 2021. In just three seasons, he played 134 games for the Italian team and scored 101 goals. Wearing a Juventus jersey, he has an incredible 0.75 goals per game.

Although Ronaldo only conceded 12 goals and failed to enter Juventus’s top 10 top scorers, the Portuguese maintained the club’s record for the most goals scored in a single season (37). He also maintained the record of 31 goals scored in a single season in Serie A in the 2019-20 season with Feliz Borrell.

Here, let’s take a look at the 10 players with the most goals in Juventus history.

Who are the top ten goalscorers in Juventus history?

rank player Target year
1 Alessandro Del Piero 290 1993-2012
2 Giampiro Bonipetti 179 1946–1961
3 Roberto Bettega 178 1970–1983
4 David Trezeguet 171 2000-2010 years
5 Omar Sivoli 167 1957–1965
6 Phyllis Placido Borrell II 158 1932–1941 and 1942–1946
7 Pietro Anastasi 130 1968–1976
8 John Hanson 124 1948-1954
9 Roberto Baggio 115 1990-1995
10 Federico Munerati 113 1922–1933

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