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Darren Clarke wins the PGA Tour Championship playoffs at Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD— Darren Clark Winning the Stanford International Championship on Sunday, this is the third time he won the PGA Tour Championship this season, beating Cui Jianjie Bird caught on the second hole of the playoffs.

Clarke, the 53-year-old Grand Slam champion from Northern Ireland, shot 65 at the Minnehaha Country Club, 5 under par, caught a par four on the 18th hole, and Cui He Steve Flesch 12 years old under 198 years old.

“It’s great to be back in the circle of winners again,” Clark said. “In the playoffs, you never know what will happen. Anyone can catch the birdies. Fortunately, today is my day.”

Clark won the TimberTech Championship in November, his first senior championship, and won the Mitsubishi Electric Championship in January when the next tour starts.

“I really enjoyed my time in Sioux Falls,” Clark said. “The fans are great. I may have had a drink with one or two of them in the past, so it’s great to have this kind of atmosphere and support. It’s always great.”

The second round leader Cui ended the game with a 69. He caught a birdie on the par-4 on the 13th hole.

“In the playoffs, on the second hole, hit the tree on the left,” Cui said. “It’s disappointing, but it’s done well…. Everything is very good this week.”

Fleisch bogeyed and was eliminated when he hit 18 extra shots for the first time. He also bogeyed in the regular season with a score of 66.

“I’m playing well, I’ve been playing well,” Fleisch said. “I just wish I could finish the 72nd hole. I chose an aggressive route and used a 3-wood tentative swing, which benefited me. You know, the 18th hole was a tough one. Downwind and downwind, it’s difficult to pass the ball to the right height.”

2020 champion Miguel Angel Jimenez is two shots behind Stick proofing (69).American Ryder Cup Captain Steve Stricker (67) 9 under par. Stricker will lead the United States against Europe in the Whistler Strait in Wisconsin next week.

Retif Goosen (69) 8 under par Alex Seka (71), John sent (65) and Steven Alker (67).


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