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Danny Morrison named Kieron Pollard the most overrated cricket player of our time

Former New Zealand pacemaker Danny Morrison He is a well-known figure among cricket experts. He is known for his incredible sense of humor when commenting on various competitive cricket matches.

In a recent conversation with Sportskeeda, Morrison was asked to name an overrated contemporary player.He chose the West Indies captain Keelung Pollard As his choice.

Morrison’s choice surprised many people because Pollard has been the captain of the white team since 2019.

Recently, after Pollard was eliminated in the group stage, Pollard was in trouble. 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

Most importantly, Morrison’s statement was made after Pollard was selected as one of IPL’s most successful franchise reservations. Mumbai Indians (MI).

Pollard has played 573 T20 times, scored 11326 times and hit 152.10. He was one of three players who ran more than 10,000 times in this format, and ranked second.

As for the most underrated cricket player, Morrison called Yishan Keshan with Surya Kumar YadavKishan was the U-19 captain of the 2016 India team and played in the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup. In his international career, so far, he has only played 5 T20I and 2 ODI. On the other hand, Surya played 11 T20Is and 3 ODIs, scoring 244 and 144 times, respectively.

Morrison also revealed that his favorite IPL team is Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB). The 55-year-old called the team “unfortunate”, and despite the star-studded team, it failed to win the IPL.

When Danny was asked to choose a team he wanted to play for, he chose Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and said that he really wanted to wear the yellow jersey.

The former New Zealand player was further questioned about contemporary bowlers he likes to watch.Morrison names Indian pacemaker Jaspritt Bumla along with Shahin Shah Afridi Pakistan is his choice.

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