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Cricket Tasmania condemns “horrific” treatment of Paine

On Tuesday, Tasmanian Cricket Committee Chairman Andrew Garkin condemned the Australian cricket team’s “horrific” treatment of Tim Payne, saying he should not be placed where he thinks he is. Had to resign from the position of the Australian test team leader.

Paine resigned from the role last Friday after an explicit text message he sent to a female former colleague of the Tasmanian cricket team in 2017 was leaked to the media. The 36-year-old goalkeeper has represented the Tasmanian team since the 2005-06 season and was exempted from the matter by the Australian Cricket Association’s integrity review shortly after becoming the captain of the test in 2018.

“In my conversations in recent days, it is clear that the anger between the Tasmanian cricket community and the public is obvious,” Gagkin said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Tim Payne has been a beacon for the Australian cricket team for the past four years and has played an important role in saving the reputation of the national team after the Cape Town disaster. The Australian cricket team’s treatment of the Australian test captain Shocking, this is the worst treatment since Bill Lawry (Bill Lawry) more than 50 years ago.”

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As we all know, Laurie was fired as the captain of Australia before the final test of the Ashes Series in 1970-71 and withdrew from the team, only to discover his fate after being informed by reporters.

Cricket Tasmania said after Paine resigned that the female former employee complained to them about the information only after she was accused of stealing from the organization. Australian cricket chairman Richard Freudenstein said on Saturday that if Paine takes power in 2018, the current leadership team will fire him.

“When CA should support Tim, he was obviously considered dispensable,” Gagjin continued.

“The Tasmanian Cricket Committee reiterated its view that Paine should not be placed in a position where he believed it was necessary to resign due to an incident that did not violate the code of conduct determined by an independent investigation at the time, and that between two mature adults The voluntary and private exchanges that took place were not repeated.”

Before the Ashes series that started in Brisbane on December 8, fast bowler Pat Cummins preferred to succeed Paine as the test captain.

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