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CONMEBOL criticizes FIFA’s biennial World Cup idea

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) criticized the idea of ​​a biennial World Cup on Friday, saying that such a plan is “very unfeasible” and would put an “nearly impossible burden” on football’s international schedule.

Its position was put forward on the occasion of the feasibility study of the game schedule by the world football governing body FIFA.

The review led by former Arsenal coach Wenger proposes to host the World Cup every two years, alternating with intercontinental events such as the European Championship.

CONMEBOL said in a statement: “Under current conditions, it is complicated to coordinate time, schedule, logistics, and adequate preparation of teams and commitments.”

“The proposed changes will make the situation extremely difficult. It may even jeopardize the quality of other events, including clubs and international events.

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“There is no sports reason to shorten the time interval between World Cups.”

One day after the European football governing body UEFA also rejected the idea, it opposed these moves.

UEFA President Alexander Severin warned that European countries may boycott the biennial World Cup.

Former players such as Ronaldo and Peter Schmeichel support the idea, but current players and coaches-including Jurgen Klopp and Gareth Bale-are not so enthusiastic.

The World League Forum, which represents major domestic club competitions, also opposed these proposals.

CONMEBOL stated that the biennial World Cup may cause distortions in the event, “decreasing its quality and destroying its uniqueness.”

South American teams Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have won 9 of the 21 World Cups, although not once since Brazil won the record fifth World Cup in 2002.

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