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In this issue of Toronto Maple Leafs news and rumors, I will share the news that Denis Malgin will return to his hometown of Switzerland to play. Secondly, I will look at former Maple Leafs defensive player Jack Gardner, who still suffered from back problems in his last season in Toronto.

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Third, I want to share a rumor that the Maple Leafs asked the New Jersey Devils about guard PK Subban. Finally, I will share information about the two newly hired coaches for the Toronto Mali team.

Project 1: Dennis Malkin returns home to play in Switzerland

Monday, the Swiss hockey news report Dennis Malkin A four-year contract has been signed to join the ZSC Lions Club of the Swiss National League. Malkin is on loan to Lausanne HC for the 2020-21 season.

During his time in Lausanne, Malkin scored 19 goals and 23 assists (42 points) in 45 regular-season games. He also scored two goals and one assist in four playoff games.

Second item: Jack Gardner’s surgery will force him to miss the 2021-22 season

For Maple Leafs fans trying to track down the former Toronto player, news from Carolina stated that defensive player Jack Gardner will undergo hip and back surgery and is not expected to play this season. According to Don Wardell, general manager of the Hurricanes, Gardner will undergo surgery and, after analyzing the damage, will set a timetable for his recovery.

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Those who understand Gardner’s history with the Maple Leafs shouldn’t be surprised by the back problems he dealt with last season. In the last season of the Maple Leafs, he missed a few games due to back problems and was injured most of the time.

Jack Gardner, Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Gardner, when he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In the 2020-21 season, Gardner has only 8 assists in 26 games. As a fan of Gardiner, I am sorry to see him injured. However, hurricanes have economic benefits. The fact that the former Montreal Canadiens’ Jesperi Kotkaniemi recently signed a high price quotation will help mediate the hurricane’s salary cap situation.

Article 3: Are the rumors about PK Subban and Maple Leafs true?

In a brief explanation, I heard a rumor that the Maple Leafs showed interest in New Jersey Devils guard PK Subban (2013 Norris Trophy winner).

PK Subban, Montreal Canadiens
PK Subban in the Montreal Canadiens (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Specifically, quote Jimmy Murphy from Boston hockey now, “Multiple NHL sources have confirmed to BHN and NHN that the Boston Bruins have discussed more than once how to acquire Subban, while persuading the New Jersey Devils to eat at least half of the $9 million cap. He was successful in the final season of his current contract. The Toronto Maple Leafs team also expressed their’lumpy interest’ in the 2013 Norris Cup champion.”

Item 4: Toronto Mali hires new goalkeeper coach

Should Toronto Mali hired two coaches Yesterday according to Lance Hornby’s Toronto Sun. One of the initiatives is to increase Hannu Toivonen As a goalkeeper coach.

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Toivonen’s name may be familiar. He was selected in the first round of the 2002 NHL Draft (29th overall) and played 61 NHL games between 2005 and 2008. He continued to play overseas with minors and eventually retired in 2019. Talk about travel. During his career, he played for 17 different teams around the world.

The Toronto Mali team today announced the hiring of Hannu Toivonen as the team’s goal coach and Troy Paquette as the team’s video coach. #Always start here

Toivonen found his first goalkeeper coaching job at the University of New England last season. Cooperation with the Marley team will be his first professional coaching job. It will be interesting to see if he can help young goalkeepers including Joseph Wall, Ian Scott, Eric Carl Glen and the recently signed Keith Petruzzelli to help reverse the fortunes of the Maple Leafs .

I’m pretty sure that the Maple Leafs organization conducted a due diligence on Toivonen after social media’s backlash against the recruitment and quick dismissal of Jack Campbell’s former mentor Dusty Imoo. No organization wants to make too many big, closely-connected mistakes.

Item 4: Did Marlies hire another prodigy in Troy Paquette?

Watching the Maple Leafs coach recruitment and speculating about the organization’s ideas is an interesting pastime. The second recruitment mentioned above is that Marlies hired a new young video coach in Troy Paquette. The former goalkeeper entered the coaching circle when he was only 25 years old.

Interestingly, as a former goalkeeper, Paquette has never played a player above the junior level. The last time he wore a suit in a game was in the 2015-16 season. However, this season will be Paquette’s fourth time as a video coach. He has worked for Kingston Frontenacs in OHL for three seasons and has served as the goalkeeper coach at Queen’s University for the past two seasons. It is interesting to focus on the goalkeeper of the Marley team.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

I have to admit that I am looking forward to the start of the Maple Leafs training camp. The main list I will focus on is the left-wing position in the top six. The more I know about Michael Bunting, the more interested I will be to see if he can develop with this team.

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I know that many readers are pessimistic about this season; however, I just can’t let myself go there. Call me naive, I guess. However, I am happy to restart the regular season. There are so many young players, I would love to watch it.

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