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Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy faces a “race against pain and time” to adapt to the Manchester City conflict

Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that the Senegalese international, who is under care, will not face Aston Villa in Wednesday’s League Cup

In the Premier League game against Manchester City on Saturday, Chelsea was sweating profusely from Edward Mendy’s health, and Thomas Tuchel admitted that his preferred goalkeeper was facing a “race against pain and time”.

The Senegal international failed to beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 in the final game of the Blues and was knocked down in the Champions League clash with Zenit, leaving him on the sidelines.

Mendy has now been excluded from the third round of the League Cup against Aston Villa on Wednesday. Kepa Arrizabalaga will continue to provide screens between clubs.

What did you say?

Tuchel told reporters when he provided the latest news about Mendy’s health: “Mendy cannot participate in the competition and he has not received training so far.

“We will work hard to do everything for Saturday, let him reintegrate into personal training tomorrow, and then hope to reintegrate into team training on Thursday. But not yet.

“But it is a matter of the number of games and the burden of the players. Yes, we will make some changes because we take this opportunity to provide important playing time for players who are currently absent in important games.”

Is Mendy ready to face Manchester City?

Edward Mendy Chelsea 2021-22

Ask further if Mendy has Since coming to Chelsea from Rennes in 2020, he has been a reliable choice for Chelsea, Will prepare to face the defending champion at Stamford Bridge: “Actually, I think it is possible, but it is a bit of a race against pain and time.

“I hope he can return to team training on Thursday. If it goes well, I hope he will be ready for Saturday, but I don’t know now.”

What does Tuchel have to say before?

When asked why Mendy could not beat the Spurs with an impressive victory, Tuchel said: “We have been working hard all week, and the same is true for Saturday’s training.

“It comes from the last-minute play against Zenit in the Champions League.

“It’s very painful, he doesn’t feel 100% comfortable when he stretches or landing at full force. He doesn’t feel comfortable fighting on set kicks or corner kicks.

“So we decided to go 100%, that is Kepa, let Edou support us and be full of energy.

“I’m very happy that Kepa played a key role and maintained a zero seal. This is what he deserves, and I am very happy that he can do it.”

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