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Carolina Hurricanes should re-sign Ethan Bell as soon as possible

During the offseason when the Carolina Hurricanes were flooded with roster changes, a notable move was the acquisition of defensive players. Ethan Bear — Who was acquired At the cost of the main winger In Warren Fogler.

For various reasons, this transaction has attracted the attention of many people. I can’t — and still can’t — understand why the Edmonton Oilers are willing to trade a thriving 24-year-old right-hander for a (at best) three-line winger with limited upside.It’s even crazier considering that Bell is like 38-year-old Dunken Keith and Cody Sethi Just inked Four-year contract.

When the deal was announced, it was hard not to think that this was a direct victory for the Hurricanes — and its age was even better. Fogler seems to be stagnant in the Oilers system, and it is almost impossible to justify the three-year contract given to him by the Oilers. In the process, the Cane team added a young bear to an already strong defensive group. He has become a player who should stay on the team for a long time.

He upgraded his hurricane defense

In the past few years, the Hurricanes have experienced defensive revolving doors, they come and go on the right side of the defense-this is where they have been trying to support Since leaving Trevor van Riemsdyk (Trevor van Riemsdyk) goes to the Washington Capitals. Jack Bean, Haydn Fleury, and Jani Hakampa all got the third pair of partners in the 2020-21 season, but they were all transferred at the beginning of the offseason. Jack Gardner is also a player who was supposed to play a role, but he played strictly on the left side, and his career was hit by another back surgery.

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The shortcomings of his choice in front of him opened the door for Bell, and he almost proved that he fits the right side as well as Brett Pace. Although his average of 16 minutes and 41 seconds per game is the lowest in his career so far, he has established a clear and important role. He often partnered with Jacob Slavin in the team’s first pair and had some real success in the team’s second-ranked penalty shootout. Due to lack of manpower, when Bale was on the ice, the cane only allowed 3.1 goals per 60 minutes-which is more than everyone except Sebastian Ajo, Slavin and Ian Cole. Good suppression rate.

Bear markets have legitimate long-term value

The stability he provides to the entire defensive team is noteworthy, and there are reasons to be optimistic that he can continue to grow in the system. As seen in the past from acquired players like Gardner, Doggy Hamilton, and Brady Skye, defensive players have an indefinite adjustment period to learn Canes’ fast-paced system-all these players After spending a long time with the team, he has made significant progress.

At only 24 years old, he is still far from the finished product. His style of play has perfectly matched the requirements of the Hurricanes for defensive players-smooth sliding, strong dribbling ability and clever ball pinching. Bell has all these qualities and has a coveted physical advantage in his game. He is very calm in all three areas, has a very good understanding of the ice, and consistently makes wise decisions. As he continues to settle down and may see his role increase, there is indeed room for improvement-especially in terms of his offensive output.

In 24 games, he has 2 goals and 5 assists, which seems relatively mild to those who watch him. His offensive instinct is very high, his vision is broad, his passing ability is strong, and his shots are deceptive. Considering the Hurricanes’ struggles as the second strongest team throughout the season, I’m surprised that Bell hasn’t had the opportunity to serve as the team’s quarterback. He obviously has the skills in this area and can provide inspiration for departments that have been looking for answers. It can be said that as more offensive zones begin, and some PP time, we can definitely see a reasonable increase in his offensive efficiency.

Bear contract comparison

Another aspect of Bell that can provide amazing value to the Hurricanes is because he is a very capable defender, and because of the limited offensive output at this stage of his career, he doesn’t want to “break the bank.” As we have seen throughout the NHL, the trend is for teams to offer large deals to shooting guards-and Bell does not fall into this category. In turn, this leads to retaining the true value of a two-way defender, as we saw in Slavin’s and Pace’s contract becoming the best contract in the league.

The important thing to note here is that Bell will be eligible for contract arbitration for the first time this summer, but I don’t think his agent will be willing to take this approach. In the past few years, arbitration has proved to be highly unpredictable, and due to the current limited output of points, it is difficult to imagine that he will get a large return. As the player turns 25 in June, I think it’s fair to assume that he is ready to sign his first long-term contract with the NHL to get some financial security.

Ethan Bell Edmonton Oilers
Ethan Bell, while playing for the Edmonton Oilers. (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

To find out the comparability, every time I think about what the Bears’ extension would look like, I’ll recall that the Columbus Blue Jackets gave former Hurricanes guard Jack Bean a three-year contract last summer (at 2.33 million USD AAV), based on his sample of 42 games played in Raleigh last season. This contract laid the “bottom line” for the market, especially for players who have not yet reached their peak. At this point, there is no doubt that if I have a choice, I will immediately put Bear in front of Bean-and analyze the data to support it. He has consolidated his position as a top four guard, can play a role in all situations, but has no elite offensive output. He is clearly a notch higher than Ceci, who earned $3.25 million in each of the next four seasons in Edmonton.

Therefore, when considering the contract between Ceci and Bean, combined with all the variables and advantages around Bell, I think he can easily fall into the AAV range of $4 to 5 million-I chose the Calgary Fire defender Lass Moose Anderson as the closest comparable. Their profiles are extremely similar-the same tactics, similar age, offensive performance and playing style.Anderson won Six-year contract worth US$4.55 million per year As early as the beginning of 2020, I thought Bear Stearns could reasonably obtain an almost identical contract. He will obtain long-term security at a competitive price, and the Hurricanes will lock a young and mature top four defender as a key member of the Stanley Cup team. A win-win situation for both parties.


No matter what Bear’s AAV is, I don’t see him and the team want to sign a short-term contract here. He signed a transitional deal with the Oilers in 2020, and he seems to want some security measures to move forward. At the same time, it is wise for the Hurricanes to lock him as soon as possible. If he can take a step forward on the offensive end as most observers expect, he can push up his price range, especially when combined with his defensive abilities. But so far, only one thing is certain: he has established himself as an important player for the team’s success, and there is no doubt that he should stay on for a long time.

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