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Capital, Penguin, Oiler, Panther, Predator and King

The latest issue of NHL Stat Corner covers the past two days (Friday/Saturday) since the NHL took a day off on Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The score highlights this entry, which contains more player and team statistics and milestones from the NHL.

Ovechkin aims to cheer for the capital

Alex Ovichkin shares with Bobby Hull and Marcel Dion for the sixth most hat-trick in NHL history (28). Only Wayne Gretzky (50), Mario Lemieux (40), Mike Bossi (39), Brett Hull (33) and Phil Esposito (32) have more Many hat tricks. Is there a target category where Ovechkin is not close to the top? He also ranked 26th in the historical standings, surpassing Brendan Shanahan and Guy Lafleur. Ovickin just continues to show that he is far from finished and now enjoys passing assists.

Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Ovickin’s 18 goals in 21 games are the most of any player in at least his 17th season. Initially expected to slow down, and may be almost the same as Gretzky’s historical scoring record. If Ovechkin continues to score at this rate, then reaching this goal will not be a problem. After recording the 153rd multi-ball game of his career, he was also a multi-ball game, tying Mario Lemieux’s third place in history.

Crosby and Jarrie help the Penguins stay on the winning list

Tristan Jarry was eliminated for the third time in the past five games and has scored two goals in the past five games.Even if Pittsburgh has a sale sooner or later, this is a goalkeeper The team doesn’t want to loseThey have a record of transferring from an elite goalkeeper, but he may be able to help the Penguins in a few more years.

Sidney Crosby (Sidney Crosby) scored the third-highest points in history (123) against the Islanders and did this in 76 games. Only Jaromir Jagr (155) and Lemieux (131) have more records. Among current NHL players, he also scored the highest against the Islanders. All the Penguins players, coincidence? I don’t think so, because they are the three best players in the history of the NHL, and always playing in the same department helped them score ridiculous points in the game against the Islanders. The Islanders have also been bad this season. Before head coach Barry Trotz appeared and built a defensive system, goalkeepers were a big problem.

Edmonton’s large number of blocks, goals and saves

Chris Russell of Edmonton Oilers became No. 1 in the history of blocked shots And is the first player ever to reach 2000. He surpassed Brent Seabrook’s 1998 blocking record, and Russell is now in 2003 of his career. In the game against the Vegas Golden Cavaliers, Russell had 6 blocks and did it in the first 10 minutes of the game. His career is not over yet, and he still has a lot of time to continue to expand his lead and expand his historical lead record.

Chris Russell Oiler
Chris Russell, Edmonton Oilers (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

For the first time since the 1988-89 season, the Oilers have three players scoring more than 20 points in the first 20 games of the season. Leon Draisaitl scored 40 points, Connor McDavid scored 36 points, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored 20 points. Time and time again, the Oilers continue to compare with the 1980s dynasty.​​ Only Nugent Hopkins needed a point to achieve this, because the Oilers won their sixth game with 60 points without McDavid and Dresettel.

Mikko Koskinen set the second-best start of the season with the Oilers goalkeeper (11-2-0), second only to Grant Fuhr in the 1983-84 season (11-1-1). Many people criticized his performance during Edmonton, Koskinen strengthened the game in an important way last night, and his highs this season have surpassed his lows.

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The Oilers performed well in the Pacific Division and currently lead 7-0-0. Zach Hyman also recorded his 200th career goal.

The Panthers’ home streak is over, but it’s still impressive

Only four franchises Longer home winning streak The 15th time than the Panthers in NHL history. The only teams with more are the Detroit Red Wings (23) in the 2011-12 season, the Boston Bruins (22) from the 1929-30 season to the 1930-31 season, and the Philadelphia Flyers (20) in 1976. The Bruins also had 19 1970-71 and 16 games in 1976. Goalkeeper Chris Drig won the first game of the Panthers’ home winning streak and blocked it as a member of the Seattle Sea Monsters. The way things develop is interesting, but dominance in any building is still impressive.

Joe Thornton of the Florida Panthers ranked 13th in the historical standings with 1532 points, 1 point behind Mark Reich, who is 12th. Thornton was recently promoted by Alexander Barkov’s injury, and he continues to show why he likes this game and wants to stay as long as possible.

Josi consolidates his career in Nashville

Roman Josie of the Nashville Predators played the 700th game of his career. He ranked fourth in the team’s history in appearances, second only to David Lewand (956), Shay Webb (763) and Martin Eilat (723). Soon, he will climb all the way to the top after signing a big contract to stay in Nashville. He is already ranked third in team history, trailing Lewand by at most 100 points. We can all argue about who is the best defensive player for the Predators right now, and how close the numbers of Webber and Josie are, but there will be no problems over time. I think he became the second player in the history of the team to retire from the jersey.

Roman josie nashville predator
Roman Josie, Nashville Predator (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Mikael Granlund of the Nashville Predators recorded his 400th career point. He continued to score and broke the normal downturn at the beginning of the season. This is exactly what the predators want to keep up with in the Central Division.

The Kings’ Kopitar has dominated from day one

Since entering the league in the 2006-07 season, Anze Kopitar has scored more than 20 points in the Los Angeles Kings game for the eighth time in the team’s first 20 games this season. Since the beginning of his career, he has ranked sixth in multi-point scoring, with only 250 games. Only Sidney Crosby (366), Alex Ovechkin (354), Yevgeny Malkin (299), Patrick Kane (293) and Niklas Bacchus Trom (258) was more at that time. This is an elite company. He has been underestimated because he can get these points and is still one of the best two-way players in the game.

Player and team data from the NHL


  • Sheldon Keefe’s first 125 games as the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs had the most victories in franchise history, with 77 victories. Under his leadership, their record is 77-35-13.
  • Gerard Gallant led the team to the second-best start with 29 points in the first 20 games with the New York Rangers. Only Phil Esposito (30) had more in the 1986-87 season.
  • this Minnesota Wild With 14 goals in consecutive home games, he set a record for the most goals scored by the team. They scored 7 goals in the game against Dallas and 7 goals in the game against the Winnipeg Jets.
  • this Winnipeg JetsThe record of not conceding more than 3 goals in 14 consecutive games ended, setting a team record.
  • The Montreal Canadiens scored only 12 points in the first 22 games, continuing the worst start in team history.
  • The Detroit Red Wings scored the most points for players 25 or younger this season, with 110 points. They scored 38 goals and 72 assists from these players. Lucas Raymond led the team with 9 goals and 21 points in 22 games.
  • The Calgary Fire scored the first goal of the game this season and led the NHL 17 times. For the first time since the 1993-94 season, the Flames led the Western Conference with 20 games. The Oilers jumped up the standings after playing the 20th game.
  • New York Islanders have Eight-game losing streak Although in these games with a score of 32-7 lead. This is the first time in the history of the team to split the game at home 0-4. They defeated their own strong match with a score of 3-1 in 29 strong matches in November.


  • Andrei Vasilevskiy has won 200 games and 318 games in NHL history, the second fewest games in NHL history. In 309 games, the only goalkeeper who did faster was Ken Dryden. Since its debut in the 2014-15 season, Vasilevskiy has also recorded the second most lockout. Only Marc-Andre Fleury has more records (40).
  • Joe Pavelsky of the Dallas Stars recorded his 400th career goal.
  • Columbus Blue Jacket Yakub Volasek This season led the league with 14 assists. A total of 20 players scored in the team this season, and 22 of the 24 players scored.
  • Bohovat of the Vancouver Canucks has played the 264th consecutive game, which is the 10th consecutive on-base in the current triathlon.
  • Raymond is also the second teenager in the history of the Red Wings to score an overtime goal in an overtime game. He was Steve Izerman in 1983.
  • Colorado Avalanche Miko Lantanen Recorded his first hat trick of the season and the third in his career.
  • Kraken’s Jordan Eberle played his 800th career game.

From the perspective of the league, players, and teams, there is a lot of news. With the excellent start of the season for the Maple Leafs and Rangers, the two head coaches have consolidated their best team to start their careers on the bench. The Islanders and Canadians continued their very bad start, and flames and wildness now dominate.

Vasilevsky once again proved why he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and Pavelsky is an important part of the star team to reverse the season. Voracek and Raymond brought surprises to Blue Jackets and Red Wings. Learn about all the latest statistics and milestones around the NHL on the next NHL Stat Corner.

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