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Capital Challenge Day 3: Wood and Desbiens dominate the game

The third day of the Capital Challenge provides a different viewing experience, because the two games are close and intense.At first it was the red team against the white team, and Matthew Wood continued his Dominate in this gameIn the second game, the Canadian women’s football team and the Black team had a close match, but Nick Ladis’s two-point performance helped the team win 4-1.

Ann-Renée Desbiens, who played for the Montreal team in the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), was the biggest storyline of the day. She left her team in a game that shouldn’t have been close because of her talent and enthusiasm.

Let us have a deeper understanding of the game and the subsequent storyline.

The red team insists on winning

This was the first close match in the game, and this was reflected in the game on ice. Both teams have consistent scoring opportunities, even though the red team created the offense early and took advantage of their opportunities. As the game progresses, the main storyline is the number of penalties by the two teams, including 6 times leading to the first powerful goal of the game. In the second quarter, Wood, who played for the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) Victoria Grizzlies, scored the first goal of the game with a strong play.

Lukas Dragicevic, Team Canada (Josh Kim / The Hockey Writers)

The White team struggled in the second quarter, and Brayden Yager, who played for the Moose Jaw Warriors in the Western Hockey League (WHL), scored with a 5 to 3 advantage. His shooting offers many variations, whether it’s a toe drag and a powerful wrist shot, or a timer in any area of ​​the net. Obviously, the connection between Yager and Wood has been on display so far, and it did not stop at the beginning of the third quarter.

After Dylan McKinnon of the White team made a free throw, Wood made a strong half-time shot and the red team was 3-0. The game seemed to be settled. However, as the game progressed, this was not the case. Tyler Peddle, who played Drummondville Voltigeurs in QMJHL, got the White team on the board with an excellent pass score.Andrew Cristall, who played for the Kelowna Rockets in the WHL, scored another goal to make it a single-ball game, but it was not enough. There is also the red team. Won the game 4-2.

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“I didn’t expect to be appointed as the captain. This is good news for me. I have been trying to be the leader of any team I have ever played. In this short tournament, I did a great job in becoming a leader. Ok, but it’s an amazing feeling. I’m a friendly person. In the room, I like to talk to everyone and make new friends. I think it’s part of my responsibility to keep in touch with everyone on our team. “

On Saturday, the red team announced their Captain is Emile Perron, And he provided insights on what it means to be in a leadership position after the game.

So far, this is the closest match in this tournament, and it may remain in this state.

The black team wins for the second consecutive game

Compared with other games of the Canadian women’s national team, there is a different feeling when watching this game. They have a complete lineup, except for Nurse Sarah, who has not participated in the game so far. In this game, the Black team was considered a popular candidate to win the gold medal, but the result has changed some thoughts. Let’s take a look at the exciting storyline of the evening game.

Black team celebrating
Team Black Celebrates (Josh Kim / The Hockey Writers)

There were no points in the game until Ladis, who played for the Peterborough Pitt team in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), scored with 33 seconds left in the first quarter. After the first intermission, the two teams continued to create scoring opportunities; however, the black team was firing as many shots as possible. After failing to score in a strong game, Ty Halaburda, who played for the Vancouver Giants in the WHL, rewritten the score to 2-0 and maintained this state two quarters later.

The third quarter brought hope to the Canadian women’s national team, as Brianne Jenner scored to cut the lead in half. When PWHPA played for Toronto, she completed the wonderful match of Marie-Philip Poulin and felt that the match was nearing its end.In the end, the White team persevered Ensure a 4-1 win And regained their first victory in the game.

The Black team is creating scoring opportunities, but Desbyans almost always finds the answer, and the position around her crease is very reasonable. She made 52 saves out of 56 shots, which is the highest level of the tournament in three days so far, and compared to the rest of her career, she has some insights into what this performance means to her. learn.

“Every game we play is very different, but whenever you have a chance to play against a high-level game, you do your best to give your team a chance to win. I think this is where I am today. What I did. I don’t necessarily say that this is the best performance of my career, but I had a great time there and it was a big challenge.”

There is only one game tonight, because the White team will play against the Black team at 7pm Eastern Time. This will also be the last day of the preliminaries before the semi-finals.

Jordan Jacklin is a freelance writer covering the Buffalo Sabres at The Hockey Writers. Jordan is a student of the Ryerson Sports Media Project. He uses analytics and video scouting to evaluate your favorite players in the game.

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