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In today’s NHL rumors, a report showed that the Montreal Canadiens scrambled to develop a plan after Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s offer was bid. How many different options did they see? The Edmonton Oilers are bidding farewell to forward Dominic Cajon. The Ottawa Senator is ready to match any offer from Brady Tkachuk, while the Vancouver Canucks are/worry about Elias Pettersson’s offer. Finally, what update does Bruins (and the other team) have on PK Subban’s interest?

Canadians considered multiple options before Dvorak

In the most recent episode 31 thoughts podcastNHL insider Elliott Friedman revealed that the Canadians and General Manager Mark Bergevin were scrambling to find a center after knowing they were unlikely to match Kotkaniemi’s offer.

Marc Bergevin, general manager of the Montreal Canadiens (Canadian Media/Paul Chiasson)

Friedman pointed out:

“[Bergevin] It took a week to scramble or figure out what he was going to do at center. When we recorded the podcast last Saturday, we said that we think there may be a mismatch in Montreal. As the week passed, I became more and more convinced that they would not match, which is obviously what they did, but you know you are sitting there watching your list… you can’t just say’OK Well, let’s let Kotkaniemi leave and we’re done’, they must have an alternative plan. “

Friedman added: “I think they hunted down a few people, I think they obviously asked [Tomas] Hertl, obviously Dvorak, I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked Washington [Evgeny] Kuznetsov, but it doesn’t make any sense because they are in a win-win mode…I’m sure they ask Calgary [Sean] Monaghan. “

Cahon leaves the Oilers and NHL

it Announced on Monday In the morning, former Oilers forward Dominique Cahon left the team and the NHL and signed a three-year contract with SC Bern of the National League. He promised to 2024, but every season has an exit clause, if the opportunity arises, he will return to the NHL.

When the Oilers added some players this offseason and became a stronger team, Cajon had no place on the roster. After a somewhat disappointing season, it was clear that he would not be Sign again. Not offering him another opportunity for an NHL club is a bit surprising, but it may be because of his familiarity with the SC Bern team he has been practicing.

Senator will match any offer form for Tkachuk

Friedman also pointed out in his podcast that Ottawa Senators boss Eugene Melnick will match RFA forward Bradit Kachuk’s offer. The team still has not reached an agreement on the renewal, but they will not let another organization in and try to move the players.

Friedman pointed out:

“I don’t think it is completely fair to say that he didn’t pay. He paid Chabot 8×8. I must think that they provided the same Tkachuk. I find it hard to believe that they did not offer the same deal to Tkachuk.”

according to Luke Fox, Tkachuk has said that if the senator is willing, he is willing to accept a long-term agreement.

Adding people is very nervous

Although the senator may not be worried, it is clear that the Canucks are. Friedman also reported that Kotkaniemi’s offer made the Canucks front desk nervous about another club after Elias Paterson. Unlike the senators who have cap space to match any offer, the Canucks cannot afford the long-term trade between Paterson and Quinn Hughes.

Elias Pettersson Vancouver Canucks
Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks (Photo: Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

One thing to remember is that any team that wants to provide Peterson must provide at least $9 million or more per season, which is equivalent to at least two first-round picks, one second-round pick and A third-round pick as compensation. One, not every team can provide this kind of service. 2. Not every team is willing.

The Brown Bear and Maple Leaf have reached out to Subban

Boston hockey now Jimmy Murphy finally provided the latest news of his report that the Bruins may be one of the teams interested in defensive player PK Subban. He reported that multiple sources confirmed that the Bruins had explored the Subban deal more than once, but hoped to persuade the Devils to get half of his $9 million cap this season.

Murphy also said that the Toronto Maple Leafs has a “lumpy interest” in Subban. They also need to keep some serious salary in the transaction.

Tom Fitzgerald, general manager of the Devils team, does not make much sense to consider retaining half of Subban’s salary unless the Subban team is willing to provide good compensation for this. The defender only has one year left, and the Devils have enough cap space to absorb his trade.

The deal deadline agreement seems to make more sense.

Leaf loses Malkin

In other Maple Leaf news, Swiss team ZSC announced Maple Leafs RFA Dennis Malkin signed a four-year contract with their team, which will last until the 2024/2025 season. The Leafs will retain his RFA rights, but it is clear that they are not very interested.

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