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Canadians’ lack of leadership is to blame for the slow start

this Montreal Canadiens It is 0-5-0. They are ranked last in the Atlantic Division. They are ranked last in the Eastern Conference. They are ranked last in the league.After this terrible start, one thing must be clear; the team is suffering Lack of direction. Although it is difficult to determine what caused this chaos, it is clear that the team’s identity crisis stems from a lack of leadership. Their two best players dropped out of the lineup, while the others seemed to be absent from the game.

Brandon Gallagher, Montreal Canadiens (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In the absence of some traditional characters in the club, they need someone to stand up and become the one who leads them out of this fear.

Traditional leaders absent

After the Stanley Cup final against the Canadians last season Tampa Bay LightningMany people think that the beginning of the season is relatively simple for the team.Most of the lists are ready to return, and The arrival of new free agents It seems that the Habu team will continue their dominance in the first three rounds of last year’s playoffs in this year’s regular season. When it was discovered that Captain Shea Weber would be placed, this prediction was quickly overturned. Long Term Injury Reserve (LTIR), This move may mean the end of his career. (From “Shea Weber of the Canadians is allowed to enter the long-term injury reserve: Daly” Games. 14/10/2021)

Max Pacioretty Vegas Golden Knights Shea Weber Montreal Canadiens
Max Pacioretty, Las Vegas Golden Knights and Sheea Weber, Montreal Canadiens, NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Semifinal Game 6, June 24, 2021 (Photo: David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire From Getty Images)

Soon after, the Canadian team goalkeeper Kyrie Price announced that he would leave the team and join the NHL player assistance program, just like his teammate Jonathan Druin did last season. The combination of these two announcements put the organization in trouble; substitute goalkeeper Jack Allen was pushed to the starting position, the Canadians lost one of their best defensive guards, and general manager Mark Belgeven was forced to scramble to find one. Substitute goalkeeper.

Due to the absence of Price and Webber, the Canadians lost not only the two best players, but also the two players who served as team leaders. One is the captain and the other is the facade of the team. Price and Webber shoulder most of the responsibility for the direction of the team. They accept the most comments and criticisms from reporters and other personnel and play the most time. Without the two of them, the Canadians need someone else to replace them, and no player has chosen to take on this temporary role.

Brendan Gallagher seems to be the MIA on ice

Although Price and Webber are still out of the lineup and in the foreseeable future, the player who does not appear as he should in this case is substitute captain Brendan Gallagher.Throughout his career, he has been a player for the Canadians Already counted on Come forward at the most important moment.

Canadians right wing Brandon Gallagher
Montreal Canadiens right wing Brandon Gallagher (11) gained possession of the ball, and Philadelphia Flyers guard Brandon Manning (23) chased him. (Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

To his credit, he has stepped up to question the losing streak From the media, Say that Canadians are facing an identity crisis:

“The problem is not just one thing. It is our responsibility to find a solution. It does not mean that you can point the finger at one thing. […] For one person in our locker room, you might be able to do more. “

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher (Brendan Gallagher) talked about the team’s attempt to resolve the loss. (From “The ugly loss of the shark shocked Canadians and scrambled to find a solution” Eric Engels. Sports network. 19/10/2021)

Unfortunately, like his other teammates, Gallagher has not been able to transfer his attitude on the ice to his game. In the five games so far, he has not scored in five games and is ranked-2 in four free throws this season. His struggle reflects the struggle of the entire team, struggling to score and trying to find a place early.

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Ducharme and staff take Habs to Purgatory

There are many explanations for the Canadians’ poor start, but what cannot be easily explained is the data provided by the team at the beginning of the season. The numbers show that something is clearly causing trouble to the system. The team’s record is 0-5-0. In these five games, they are leading 19-4. Their strong team ended up losing 1 of 19 shots and 10 of 18 shots in the penalty shootout. NHL teams rely on their coaching staff to effectively organize games on the ice, and the lack of consistency between head coach Domink Ducham and his staff is quickly turning the Canadian’s commitment into a problem.

From his comments His media availability On October 21st, Ducharme has no plans yet.

“We are better than 0-5, that’s for sure. This is a challenge. But how do you deal with this challenge? So far, we may still be figuring this out. We don’t have the desired result. But I see There are some signs…I see that good things are happening, we will get out of trouble, which will make us stronger, nothing more. Now anyone can bury us, we don’t care. Seriously, we don’t care. We Will solve this problem and we will finish where we should be done. Every night we have 20 people in our lineup, so we have to find a way for a team. Maybe some people need, or learn or are dealing with, we need to lead in different ways Come more things-in terms of leadership or our way of playing. But we will survive and we will do it the right way.”

The head coach of the Canadians, Dominque Ducharme, described how the Canadians planned to deal with the loss. (Excerpt from “Canadian Notebook:’We are better than 0-5,’ said Dominic Ducham.” Stu Cowan Montreal Bulletin. 22/10/2021)

Tonight’s game will be the Detroit Red Wings against one of the worst teams in the league last season, and the Canadians can begin to correct the ship. If they can’t, it may soon be too late.

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