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This edition of “Lost and Found Weekly” sees that we only land in the Eastern Conference, mainly the Atlantic Division. All four teams were last year’s playoff teams, one entered the conference finals and the other entered the Stanley Cup finals. However, at this time of the season, only one of these teams has made the playoffs.

We set off from the northern part of Great White to the Sunshine State. Go for a drive abroad, let’s get started.

Loss: Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders are losing more and more

The Canadians have lost three of the four games in the past week, and the hole is getting deeper and deeper.

This has been a long time.Montreal Canadian The journey to the Stanley Cup final is about to end, and In several key injuries, Is struggling with a 5-13-2 record and 12 points. They are ranked 29th in the NHL and seventh in the Atlantic Division. Last week they scored 1-3 in four games, including a 6-0 elimination by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Their 70 goals are the worst in the NHL, and their negative 26 goals difference is 31st. No Canadian has scored more than four goals this season. Defender Jeff Petri has scored double-digit goals in the past four seasons, scoring at least 40 points, but only two assists in 20 games.

Montreal, Quebec-February 3: Montreal Canadiens defender Jeff Petrie (26 years old) at the Edmonton Oilers vs. Montreal Canada on February 3, 2019 at Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec Skate to the hockey puck during the game (David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The goalkeeper has also been struggling. Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau have an average goal rate (GAA) of 3.73 and a save rate (SV%) of 0.893.

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We will neglect the injury losses of Shea Weber, Joel Edmundson and Paul Byron, as well as the loss of Carey Price’s player assistance program.although Price rejoins the team, It is not yet certain when he will return to the game. Any team in the league will feel a significant loss of leadership and experience, which has dealt a heavy blow to the Habs team.

Their shape is very rough. The charm of last year’s Stanley Cup has disappeared. No one scores with a consistent clip, and their goalkeeper can’t keep the ball out of the net. Unless these two aspects are resolved, they will remain at the bottom for the foreseeable future.

The islanders’ own coalition has its worst consecutive defeat during the COVID outbreak

New York Islander Very bad. They entered the Mets’ six-game losing streak with the worst record of 5-8-2 in 15 games. They are the only team in the subway below 0.500. They did not score more than two goals in any game in this winning streak and were eliminated twice.

The lack of goals is a major problem. They only scored 31 goals in the NHL, ranking second from the bottom with an average of 2.07 goals per game. The Game of Thrones situation has gotten worse, but by no means. They ranked 30th with a 12.2 power play percentage.

New York Islander Anders Lee
New York Islanders captain Anders Lee celebrates with his teammates (AP Photo/Franklin II)

In addition to the general lack of goals, the COVID has recently ravaged the islanders. “Adam Pelech, Andy Greene, and Anthony Beauvillier joined the COVID-19 protocol list on Saturday, adding captains Anders Lee, Josh Bailey, and Ross Johnston” (from “The Islanders lacked a few players before the new arena opener to COVID Agreement”) sports staff, Sports meeting, November 20, 2021). Those are two of their top five scorers and their captain.

The Islanders played 13 games away at the beginning of the season and are now hit by the new crown pneumonia, so it makes sense for them to have a difficult start. Considering that Metro is arguably the toughest department in hockey, this is easier to understand.Once they start getting players back, they will Enjoy the brand new home ice, They need to take advantage and reverse the situation to re-enter the playoffs.

Discovery: The Florida Panthers keep warming up, the Boston Bruins look better

The Panthers move on after three consecutive victories

The Florida Panthers have always been a rising team. They have made progress in each of the past three seasons, and have topped the NHL standings with a 13-2-3 record, winning all 10 home games. They won all three games they participated in last week and have a goal difference of +9.

Under the leadership of Anthony Duclair and captain Alexander Barkov, the eight Panthers scored at least five goals. Scorer Jonathan Huberdeau (18 points) joins the pair in the top three. Their offensive depth is further highlighted by nine skaters, including two defensive players, both of whom are double-digit scorers.

Panthers center Alexander Barkov
Tampa, Florida-September 25: Florida Panthers center Alexander Barkov (16 years old) at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida on September 25, 2018 Skating in the first game of the NHL preseason game between the Tampa Bay Chargers. (Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

although Some goalkeeper controversy In the past few seasons, between Sergey Bobrovsky, Chris Dridge and Spencer Knight, Bobrovsky seems to have figured it out. Since joining the Panthers, he is expected to have his best season. Through 11 games, he maintained an 8-0-2 record with 1.99 GAA and 0.937 SV%.

The Panthers are an interesting team and they seem to be able to maintain their success at last. They are getting deep scoring, with a goal difference of 24, and their goalkeeper is very strong. Not only are they expected to become the first Panthers team in franchise history to enter the playoffs for the third time in a row, but they also look ready to compete for the presidential trophy.

The Bruins performed well this week, but still need deep scoring

Boston Brown bear Had a good week, leading 2-1 in three games.Since their first appearance, they have taken a step in the right direction Lost and found weekly. They improved from their 5-4 record to 9-6 at that time.

Perfection Line leads with 48 points. Top guard Charlie McAvoy added 12 points in this area, allowing the Bruins to score 60 points in 15 games. This is good for half of the team’s score.This is the best time for someone like this Jack Debrusk, Who needs a year of rebound, strengthen and really contribute to their secondary scores.

Jack Debrusk, Boston Bruins
Jack Debruske, Boston Bruins (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

The Bruins’ 21.7 playing rate ranks 10th in the NHL. It came from 10 targets, but 8 of them came from Perfection Line members or McAvoy. The team’s lack of scoring depth will not allow them to go very far. However, their goalkeeper performance was enough to allow them to win four of the past six games.

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Before losing 4-0 to the Calgary Flames, the Bruins goalkeeper only scored six goals in their three-game winning streak. Jeremy Swayman and Linus Ullmark have a total of 2.63 GAA and a save rate of 0.908 this season, and they are divided into action.

The Bruins need someone to stand up and provide assistance to score. The goalkeeper’s higher save rate will not cause harm, but the focus should be on their scoring. The Detroit Red Wings were unexpected this season, but if they quit and the Bruins can find deep scoring, they may slip back to the playoffs.

Sean Raggio was born for hockey. He will cover the Seattle Kraken and is the co-host of THW’s “What’s Kraken”. Sean gained experience writing for television, print, and radio while studying journalism at Quinnipiac University, and was an active member of the student media organization there.If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Twitter! You can find a link at the bottom of his article, Like this.

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