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Can Tuukka Rask sign with another team?

s future Tuka Lask May not be with the Boston Bruins. At least, if Elliotte Friedman’s latest comments on this situation are ostensibly credible.

Tuukka Rask has said in the past that he wants to return to the Boston Bruins (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

When appearing on the Jeff Marek Show, Friedman was asked about Rask’s future and whether it was “Boston Bruins or Depression” for the Finnish network administrator. Marek was proposed in the context of a team like the Edmonton Oilers, and this may be an option for Lask.

“I don’t know if it’s Boston or bankruptcy, at least that’s not what I heard,” Friedman said. “I just heard that the Bruins are still his top priority. We will see what happens, but this That’s what I heard.”

Friedman is one of the best insiders in the NHL, and whenever he has an opinion on the team’s trade, he should definitely be questioned. In all sports, few people have a better grasp of the pulse of the situation than Friedman, and it is entirely possible that a trusted source provided him with the information that led him to this idea.

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It is also important to treat these comments as incidental comments rather than official reports made through his social media channels. Although these words are still important, Friedman is also allowed to make speculations and inferences based on the information he has collected. Whether this means that Rask’s chance of playing elsewhere is 1%, 100%, or somewhere in between, we don’t know.

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In the 22-minute program, this discussion was allocated approximately 30 seconds of discussion (approximately 17:45 mark of show). This is not a lengthy discussion with a lot of details, just to mention that the Bruins are not the only option for Rask, and there is no background to explain the situation. Friedman could also mean that other teams would be interested in Rask, not Rask would be interested in signing with another team.

However, Bruins fans can look on the surface, Lask himself once said that he didn’t want to play anywhere else. He also skates with Bruins’ trainers on Bruins’ practice range and wears his Bruins gear. Regardless of whether this is polite or not, it feels like Rask still hasn’t been out of the team.

The future of Rask and Bruins seems possible but not guaranteed

These are the comments Rask made on his future in August:

“I am lucky to be part of the only team in the NHL,” Lask says“For me, this is the pride of playing for a team and a team. I have no reason to chase money elsewhere. This will be my home for the Bruins, and my for Boston. One of the things about home. I have always wanted to play here and want to stay here. So money is not a problem. We and [Bruins general manager Don Sweeney] I will be their cheap goalkeeper. “

As for the issue of money, Lask will also make it clear that the focus of this stage of his career is not based on finances.

“I would say I am no longer looking for a $7 million contract. I just like to help the team. I think I am an experienced goalkeeper and there are some young people coming in, so I will do my best to help them. And ended my career as the Bears.”

Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins
According to Eliot Friedman, the future of Tuukka Rask is more than just “Boston Bruins or bankruptcy” (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Lask’s return to the Bears seemed to be an unresolved case from the beginning. However, this is not to say that Rask can’t change his mind about where he wants to play. It’s not that the Bruins will bring Rask back to the team when he is fully healthy.

The situation will indeed change.

It would be strange to see Lasker playing for any team other than the Bruins at the NHL level, but if he decides to look elsewhere, he will definitely have the opportunity to play wherever he wants. Nevertheless, when he talked about the situation publicly, it didn’t feel like something he was interested in at all. It felt like this would not be another Kyrie Irving situation in Boston, but something crazier happened.

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Although Lask does not intend to get a big contract from the Bruins, another NHL team that needs a goalkeeper may ask Lask to meet their online needs and provide him with more money, and he cannot Reasonably refuse.The Bruins may also decide to match Jeremy Swiman with Linus Ulmark It was the person they wanted, leaving Lask without a clear path to start, which led to him not being signed.

Neither situation is far-fetched, at least it should not be considered, but neither feels that they will eventually happen after Rask returns to the team as planned. Since the news of his surgery came out, it feels inevitable. Although Friedman’s comments may cause some concern, it feels that the situation has not changed enough to warrant real fear.

Brandon Share-Cohen has covered NHL and various professional sports for six years. Brandon collaborated with The Hockey Writers. In addition to serving as the head of the news team, Brandon also reported extensively on the Boston Bruins.

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