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Can American Ryder Cup teams get along for a week?

Sheboygan, Wisconsin. —— Brooks Koepka with Bryson DeChambeau At the Ryder Cup this week, they are unlikely to sit together, eat or chat together. But what if they play together? Will the previous carol from the gallery mocking “Brooksey” be considered free?

Although it sounds stupid, this is the situation we are in, because the Americans have lost 9 of the past 12 games. This is a rare match to beat Europe.

The long-standing argument is staged again: Can the United States put aside any so-called differences, unite like Europe, and win?

Does any of them matter?

“Honestly, at the end of the day, the captain and assistant will take care of all this,” said Patrick Reid, Who was asked about the controversy before His own problems surfaced This caused him to miss the captain’s choice. “This is going out to play golf at 12 o’clock. Whether they can’t stand each other or not, whether they like each other, whatever they actually are, they don’t want to lose a point because of this.

“They won’t let it bother them. They will go out to play, do their best, and try to bring the cup home.”

It sounds very simple.

But for the American Ryder Cup team, nothing is easy.

Koepka and De Chambeau’s feud Can go back more than two years ago After this year’s PGA Championship, when DeChambeau walked past him, an unbroadcast video surfaced. Koepka was distracted and rolled his eyes in front of the camera, complaining about the second round of Kiawah Island.

This triggered a summer of seemingly endless problems.Enough for Captain America Steve Stricker Call each player individually and ask them to put aside their differences.

“Once they join that team together, they will support each other,” said Kegan Bradley, Played for the US team in 2012 and 2014. “They will want each other to perform well. I guess it will become a joke in the team’s locker room. Everyone will laugh at them. I think it’s good for everyone.

“I think it’s exaggerated,” Bradley added. “At least this is the case with my team. Everyone is so close. You started these lifelong friendships and mutual respect. It’s so fun to be in a team. It’s very special.”

The European side has long been praised for this.It started with the shoulder attitude in the early 1980s, when Tony Jacklin Became the captain of four cup matches (he scored 2-1-1) and asked him to feel that this team accustomed to being defeated lacked basic necessities.

Success brings confidence. Europeans have never lost their pride-and their sense of self.

Another important factor: The Ryder Cup is a huge financial necessity for the European Tour, directly helping to subsidize the wallet. European players-they must be members of the tour to be eligible to join the team-believe that their success will help improve the bottom line of the tour.

For American players, this is not a factor. They are members of the PGA Tour-the Tour does not host the Ryder Cup. The U.S. Professional Golf Association enjoys the wealth of the tournament. Players on either side are not compensated.

Fair or not, the development of the entire storyline sometimes shows that American players are not so engaged at all.

“You want a cohesive team room, I think those small details…this is where the US team has been criticized for not doing this part well in the past,” said Justin Rose, He has participated in five Ryder Cups for Europe, but will not participate in this week’s celebrations. “You don’t want these people to come in and create that. I think the US team did a great job. There is fresh blood there. People like JT (Justin Thomas), Jordan [Spieth], They are very nervous, I think the new group of people has indeed changed the dynamics of the US team room.

“I think this has never been a problem. I think it’s more like a media’making excuses’ for something. But Europeans are forced to be more involved in it. I don’t know what happened except social media. I think It’s been suppressed. I think they might all enjoy it very much. Maybe it’s good for them right now, in a strange twisted way. Dramas are very popular.”

However, this does not necessarily help win.When an American drama was staged in Paris three years ago, Reid Feel underestimated As there is no match with the successful partner Spieth in 2014 and 2016.

Reid has a bad Ryder Cup, 0-2 Tiger Woods As his partner, before a singles victory, the United States was already very unwilling. Then he had a bad Presidents Cup, 1-3. (Reid suffered from bilateral pneumonia just three weeks ago, which is one of the reasons why he was not selected this time.)

Koepka recently said in an interview with Golf Digest about the daily schedule of the Ryder Cup Take him out of his usual comfort zone, Which is very helpful for him to win four Grand Slam titles.

“We are too personal, everyone has their own routines and different ways of doing things, and now it’s like, well, we have to have a meeting at this time, or do this or do that. I can hardly see mine. (Individual) team,” he said. “It’s hard to even go to the gym. There is no time to do this at the Ryder Cup. There is no time to decompress.”

Koepka injured his wrist when he hit the root of a tree with his swing in the third round of the Tour Championship. He was the only player among the 12 players who did not participate in the two-day practice last week in the Whistler Channel.

Again, Koepka’s record of 4-3-1 in the two Ryder Cups is one of the few players in the US team to have a record of victory. And his game type and personality seem to be very suitable for the Ryder Cup.

The 2008 American Ryder Cup captain said: “I am a fan of these two players (Koepka and De Chambeau), I just think it will be one or the other.” Paul Azinger“They will put the burden of the team on their shoulders, otherwise their necks will be very painful.”

It was Azinger who used the “pod system” to help the US team win in the Hall of Valor. He believes that the best way for like-minded people to get along and make their games go smoothly is because there are no more players. In any case, there are more than four partners in the team meeting, and maybe only one or two. .

He divided his team into three teams, each with four players, and all the matches came from there. The United States sometimes differs from this method, but its version has been used in recent years. Look for Koepka and DeChambeau in different pods.

About this question, Patrick Cantley It’s not likely to be in the same place as DeChambeau, and it may be Koepka-he and DeChambeau Dustin Johnson Worn-may also be separated from the DJ.

“One of the things I like about the Ryder Cup is that in the European locker room, you will see how everyone removes their armor and puts it away that week,” said Sergio Garcia, He will participate in his ninth Ryder Cup competition and has been on six winning sides. “Even with friends on tour, you won’t see it often. It’s great. Some of my best friends on tour, I met at the Ryder Cup.”

No one has said that they must be friends, but can Koepka and De Chambeau put their differences aside for a week? If not, Wisconsin will be a long week.


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