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Campbell, Wall, Matthews and Mrazek

Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs misplaced the score for the first time in a while, and the Pittsburgh Penguins beat them for the second time in two months. Maple Leafs fans will remember the first game against the Penguins, because this may be the lowest point for the Maple Leafs this season. The Penguins scored 7-1.

This time the team’s performance was not bad, but they were unable to attack at all. Penguin goalkeeper Tristan Jari was eliminated for the second time in a row. On Thursday night, Jerry and his team shut out the Montreal Canadiens with a score of 6-0.

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The Penguins seem to be able to deal with the Maple Leafs, beating them 9-1 in the team’s last two games. With this defeat, the Maple Leafs’ five-game winning streak is over. On the other hand, with that victory, Pittsburgh has now started its own two-game winning streak. Although the Penguins played against the home team last night, this is the first time they have won two consecutive games in their entire season.

In this issue of “Maple Leaf News and Rumors”, I will look at some player news in the game. Likewise, I will share news about Petr Mrazek’s injury and recovery.

Article 1: Sheldon Keefe is blunt: Penguins are better

From what I watched the game, the Penguins put a lot of pressure on the Maple Leafs defensively, while the Raptors were unable to generate sustained offensive pressure. Even at the end of the game, there was a strong match between the two of them. The Penguins put pressure on the puck, and the strong match was just struggling. The 5 to 3 in the third stage is meaningless.

Keef also admitted. His comment was: “Like we lost to a good team, we lost to a good penalty shootout. They are just better than us.” There is no nuance.

Sheldon Keef, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Keef went on to add: “They are very difficult to defend and make it difficult for you to deal with. We got the reward we deserved offensively because we just didn’t do enough on the offensive end.”

I don’t always agree with everything Keef did as a coach, but I admit that we are watching the same game.

Second item: Jack Campbell played well enough to win, but…

As mentioned in the previous article, Jack Campbell He didn’t get the help he needed to win at all. That night, he only conceded two goals in 31 shots he faced. He might have saved the first goal, but the second goal was a stupid bounce. Penguins’ Jeff Carter was sliding in the right direction and a little floated off his club into the net. .

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These two goals came early; after that, Campbell stopped everything. However, if a team does not score, it cannot win. Even with a weird loss like this, Campbell had a great season.

Recently I heard some complaints that the Maple Leafs was wrong for not re-signing Frederick Anderson, but I didn’t buy it. I am a fan of Andersen, but now he may play for the best team in the NHL with the Carolina Hurricanes. I like the Maple Leafs team and hope they can achieve good results, but it may be a better season to become a fan of the Hurricanes.

Jack Campbell Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Campbell, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In my opinion, signing Campbell instead of Andersen is the right move. Campbell is no longer tied with his old teammate Frederick Anderson for NHL goalkeeper wins (Andersen now has 11 victories compared to Campbell’s 10); however, he has an average goal rate of 1.66 and a save of 0.944 Rate to stay ahead. He looks a bit like the 2010 first-round pick of the NHL draft (11th overall).

We will see how these two goalkeepers perform after the season.

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Article 3: Injured goalkeeper Peter Mrazek starts skating again

Since the first time Peter Mrazek The groin was injured again, and he went back to skating on the ice. The prediction is that he may be a little more than two weeks away from returning to the game. However, the good news is that he is back to skate again.

It has been a difficult season for Mrrazek, but if he can stay healthy, he may layup in early December and bring Joseph Wall back to the Toronto Mali team.

Project 4: Joseph Wall: Start to fight against the islanders

Speaking of Joseph Wall, Maple Leafs fans will have the opportunity to see him start his second NHL game in an away game against the New York Islanders today. Wall is not great, but he was good enough to win his NHL debut against the Buffalo Sabres a week ago. Together with the Islanders, he is facing a team where many players have lost the game due to the COVID-19 agreement.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

The Islanders are a struggling team That was five consecutive losses, losing to the Calgary Flames by a score of 5-2 last night. Both teams are in the second back-to-back game. Before Mrazek returns to the lineup, Woll is likely to become a substitute. So they are likely to see him again after this time.

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Maple Leafs fans have to hope that their team can take over the offense. I think Matthews looked depressed last night. He has many competitions, but no report card. For him, this will be a good time to break out a few goals.

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