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Calgary Flames should go all out for Evan De Kane

Saturday, San Jose Sharks Unconditional waiver of Evan de Kane to terminate his contract. Considering the drama surrounding him, and the fact that he has three seasons left on his contract after that, which capped him at $7 million, the fact that he’s unclaimed should come as no surprise to anyone. However, now that he is an unrestricted free agent, there are reports that several teams have reached out to his agent.

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One team with which he is linked is edmonton oilers, which makes sense given their lack of depth ratings.Another team that lacks deep scoring and should go after him is their crosstown rival Calgary Flames. outside Johnny Goldrow, Matthew Tkachuk and Elias Lindholm, the team didn’t get many points from their forward Kane An interesting option.

suitable for short term

There will be some fans who think the Flames should stay away from Kane and have legitimate concerns. The 30-year-old has been a constant source of controversy over the past year as he seems unable to stay out of the way when it comes to making negative press.This season, he has 21 game suspension Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards allegedly used and terminated by Sharks for violating COVID protocols.

Evander Kane, San Jose Sharks (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

While most of the controversial headlines surrounding him have been made over the past year, since he entered the league, Kane has not been known to be the most popular man in the locker room as he often seems to put his own interests In the first place his team. However, there’s no denying his overall talent level, which is why the Sharks signed a seven-year, $49 million deal ahead of the 2018-19 season.

Despite all the wrong things he’s been in the news in 2020-21, he’s been great on the ice, scoring a team-leading 49 points in 56 games. While this would be the best offensive season of his career, he has become an offensive power forward thanks to multiple solid seasons in his 769 games.

Flames need forward depth

Last week, the Flames played against three of the NHL’s top teams in the Tampa Bay Chargers, Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, and fell comfortably in all three. The biggest problem appears to be their forward depth, as their back six lack any offensive talent.

Undoubtedly, Kane will be of great help here, as he is a physical presence that can send the ball back into the net, making him a player who can play up and down the squad. What makes him a more attractive option is that, given the damage to his reputation over the past 12 months or so, he will likely be forced to sign a very cheap contract, perhaps paying him less than $1 million . That means the Flames can sign him and still take other steps to further round out their roster before the deadline.

Kane presents a low-risk, high-reward opportunity

Another great thing about joining Kane is that he now knows his place in the league. The only reason he’ll even get another chance is because he’s a great player, but he’s out of it. One would think that, given the situation, he would be at his best, and you can bet that wherever he goes, he will be told that if he makes any mistakes, he will be cut.

Daryl Sutter Calgary Flames
Calgary Flames head coach Daryl Sutter (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

This means that if the Flames coaching staff, in particular Daryl Sutter, seeing anything they don’t like from his character, he’ll let it go right away. Sutter is a no-nonsense guy who built a great culture in the Flames locker room, and he’s not going to let that be ruined. Meanwhile, if there’s a coach who can get Kane to step up, Sutter is it. This move is worth trying for the Flames and could greatly improve their chances of reaching the Stanley Cup this season.

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