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Bruins’ 3 best internal alternatives to Jakub Zboril

Boston Bruins guard Jakub Zboril will become Re-evaluate in two weeks Regarding his lower body injury. With this, he will be absent for at least this period, but it is likely to be longer. In this regard, I recently discussed The Bruins should consider targeting some bottom-line defensive players. However, when looking at the depth of the backend, they also have some internal options to choose from.

Although opening up the trade market is never a bad thing, it is an acceptable choice for these three players to replace Zboril at the same time. In terms of their overall NHL experience, they are certainly different, but there are reasons to play each of them. When the Bruins took back their previous first-round draft picks, it was not shocking to see that each of these three took some action during his absence.

Connor Clifton

at this time, Connor Clifton The defender most likely to replace Zboril on the right.Remember, this position was originally his first place this season, but he eventually lost his position Due to inconsistent playbackAlthough injury to a teammate is never a good thing, it does open the door for the 26-year-old player to re-enter the lineup.

Conor Clifton, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

With Kevin Miller retiring in the summer, and the Bruins did not sign another right-handed defensive player, Clifton had an excellent opportunity to become the mainstay of Boston’s top six.However, after only one assist and a negative 4 rating in his first 11 games, the Bruins Make him a healthy scratch For a long time. If Zboril is not injured, this may last longer because he played well.

Since Zboril was injured, Clifton has played two games and finished his job. He did not make the list in both games, but he also scored a tie. For now, he should continue to act. However, if he struggles again, he can use the following two options in the lineup.

John Moore

John Moore Earlier this week, the 31-year-old defender was recalled by the Providence Bruins and returned to the NHL club. Just before the start of the regular season, the Bruins removed him, but due to his expensive contract, no one chose to claim him. However, he did participate in an NHL game this season in October. In that game, he didn’t score, but the score was +1.

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Since signing his five-year, $13.75 million contract, Moore has dealt with too many injuries and lost his place in the team in the process. Remember, he only played 29 games in the first two seasons, of which he had 3 goals and 5 total points. He was also notable during the preseason, but it was not enough to make him qualify. His $2.75 million cap may also be a major reason for Boston’s decision.

However, if Moore had the opportunity to take some action while Zboril was away, he might eventually surprise some people. I don’t necessarily say that his skill level is too far behind Clifton, so if the Bruins start to slip a bit, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see him back in the lineup. After all, the 2009 first-round draft pick has more than 500 NHL experience.

Jack Akan

Jack Akan made a good start in Providence this season. In 17 games, he has two goals and 10 points. He obviously caught the Bruins’ attention, because he did appear in the lineup against the Tampa Bay Chargers last Saturday. Although he didn’t score, he looked confident in the back-to-back Stanley Cup champion.

Jack Akan, Boston Bruins
Jack Akan, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Obviously the Bruins are willing to explore the possibility of giving Akan another chance in their lineup, because he is still on the NHL roster at this time. Although he did well in the game against the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night, that doesn’t mean we won’t see him again during Zboril’s absence. In this case, it might be interesting to look closely at the 24-year-old defender.

Akan’s college days at St. Cloud University showed that he has the ability to become an offensive threat. In 144 games with the school, he scored 21 goals and scored 103 points. Although the NHL clearly has more challenging competition, it is still notable production. At least, because of his outstanding performance in Providence, he must be seen as the main recruiting candidate going forward.

Honor Award

Another defensive player worth mentioning is Urho Vaakanainen. The 2017 first-round draft does not necessarily dominate the AHL because he has only one goal and 4 points in 17 games. With players like Moore and Akan ahead of him on the depth map, people have to wonder when he will return to Boston again. He is only 22 years old and still has time to grow, so maybe he can be recalled, but this is definitely not a slam dunk.Maybe he can even be used as a sweetener In transaction Later this season.

Since Zboril’s injury may be a long-term injury, don’t be surprised to see multiple players taking turns out of the field. For now, it is understandable that Clifton is the main replacement, but in the meantime, Akan and Moore will at least be considered. Since the Bruins have a record of 12-8-2, they need to find the best players to help them win the game from here. They are certainly not the target of the playoffs, but hope that one of these three can help them get closer to this goal.

Michael DeRosa is a writer for The Hockey Writers covering the Boston Bruins. Since 2017, he has written and edited many websites. In addition to his work for THW, you can also find him on,,, The Rat Trick and Kraken Chronicle.

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