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Brown downgraded, Staples Center, etc.

In this issue Los Angeles Kings News and rumors, I will discuss the changes to the top line of the team. I will also discuss the rebranding of the Staples Center, Sean Dulzi was called up, and Brandt Clark was named the captain of the Barry Colts.

New styling line for the Kings

After losing to the Washington Capitals on Wednesday, it looks like head coach Todd McClellan feels he needs to adjust his lineup a bit.Kings insider John Howen reported on Thursday morning that Adrian Kempe and Dustin Brown After switching the lines during practice, Kempe returned to the top line.

According to the color coding of the Kings training…Kempe wore grey with AA, Iafallo, Arvidsson, Kopitar and Danault this morning. Brown and white, with others.

This is the time Zach Dooley confirms, So it looks like we will see a Kempe-Anze Kopitar-Viktor Arvidsson played against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday.I like this action, which is exactly The team i want To do when Arvidsson returns from the COVID agreement.The season had a strong start. After scoring five points in five games, Brown fell completely and only grabbed Scored two points in his next 11 gamesKempe was the opposite. After scoring only one point in his first six games, he was at his best, scoring 8 points in the next 10 games. I also like the idea of ​​putting speed on both sides of Kopitar. He is still an elite center, but speed has never been an important part of his game, and at the age of 34, he will only become slower. This means it is very harmful to have another slow player Brown on his line. Having the speed of Kemper and Avidson should help create more damage space for Kopita.

Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Brown is also more suitable for a third-line role now. His total points are not there, but he is still an effective outpost, leading the team in field goal percentage this season. They also made another change in the third row, moving Trevor Moore to the fourth row and inserting Lias Andersson in his place. I think the Andersson-Rasmus Kupari-Brown line may become a very good third line. These three people all bring the tenacity you want from the bottom line and the sixth line, and they also have the skills to hurt the team on the scoreboard. For two young players, Anderson and Kupari, Brown’s leadership should also be great.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Arena’s naming rights had Sold to, A cryptocurrency platform. According to reports, the naming rights of the stadium were purchased for a record $700 million. Fans of every team that played at Staples Center expressed dissatisfaction with this change, because many people considered the Staples Center to be their team’s iconic venue. AEG Sports has pledged to use a portion of the US$700 million for the renovation of the stadium. I think it will be similar to the Anaheim Ducks going from Pond to Honda Center, the name will change, but certain generations of fans will always call the stadium Staples Center. The name change will take place on Christmas this year, which means that the game against the Edmonton Oilers on December 22 will be the last game of the Kings at Staples Center.

Durz gets drafted

On Friday morning, news broke that Ontario’s reigning guard Sean Durzi would be called to the Kings. He replaced Austin Strand on the roster, because Strand has not played since his October 28 game with the Winnipeg Jets. Durzi had a great season in Ontario, scoring 13 points in 12 games. If he is going to play in the Kings game this weekend, I think it will replace Oli Mata, who has been struggling since returning to the lineup.

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If I had to guess, Kale Clague would slide back to the left, partnering with Matt Roy, and Durzi would partner with Alex Edler. I doubt whether coach McClellan wants to break the Mikey Anderson-Tobias Bjornfot combination now, so the above changes make the most sense to me. I also like the idea of ​​pairing young, inexperienced defenders with Edler’s most senior defenders. This will be Durzi’s first NHL game because the team has been patiently nurturing him since acquiring him in the Jake Muzzin trade in 2019. Durzi can also be deployed in a strong game, because the top unit desperately needs a right-hand shot to the top, leaving a perfect position for Durzi.

Brandt Clark was named captain

Wednesday, the Colts Name their leadership group In the 2021-22 season, Clark, the eighth overall pick of the Kings in 2021, was appointed captain. After Francisco Pinelli was appointed as the captain of the Kitchener Rangers a few weeks ago, seeing another potential player was appointed as the captain of the team, which is a good sign for the Kings. This shows that they are recruiting good leaders and players with a good attitude.

Brandt Clark Barrie Colts
Brandt Clark of the Barry Colts. (Photo by Terry Wilson/OHL)

As I said when Pinelli was appointed as the captain, it is great to see the evidence that the team values ​​individuality when selecting players. Every team claims that they are drafting for players and players, but this is usually just verbal. The prospect of seeing several captains of their respective teams shows that the Kings are serious about this effort. As always, amateur scouting director Mark Yannetti and his team should win a lot of praise for the team’s prospect pool. Yannetti’s interview drafts are often considered to be interrogations rather than interviews, and this method obviously pays off.

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