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Brian Lara points out the technical flaws in Virat Kohli’s dismissal by KKR

Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Did not have an ideal start in the second round Indian Premier League (IPL) Because they lost their reverse game against the Kolkata Cavaliers (KKR) with nine wickets.

KKR’s mysterious pitcher Warren Chakravasi And all-rounder Andre Russell Since the two-time champion beat the Challenger team by only 92 points, everyone won three wickets.

RCB Captain Virat Kohli Had a bad outing because he could only get five points. Kohli opened the game and removed the LBW from the seam pitcher Prasi Krishna.

Discuss the dismissal of West Indies legend Kohli Brian Lara Pointed out the technical defects of the way that the RCB captain lost the ticket gate.Laura recalls Corley’s match in the 2019 World Cup semi-finals new Zealand, Pointed out that the Delhi boy has a similar heading to KKR.

“In the 2019 World Cup semi-final match against New Zealand, LBW appeared again-you see his head position. The ball before (against KKR) was hit by an extra screen-this may be the game. Best shot. The head is on top of the ball. The next time he pitches, his head is in almost the same position as the previous ball, but the line is completely different-it comes down from the center and outside, leaning to the center and on the legs,” Lara tells Cricket net.

Lara mentioned that many right-handed batsmen face this problem and lose their balance when kicking the ball with the front foot. The former West Indies captain believes that the batsman will have to wait for a while before he can execute the shot.

“This is a problem that we know. A lot of right-handed batsmen stand on the front foot and fall. Maybe you just need to wait a little longer, keep a cool head and keep your balance so that you can walk along the track instead of Walk towards the stump when the ball is deflected to the leg,” Laura added.

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