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Brentford takes a stand, other Premier League clubs should follow up on the latest announcement

Brentford takes a stand, other Premier League clubs should follow up on the latest announcement

Brentford returns to the Premier League

Brentford had a mixed start to their first Premier League season.

In the first game against Arsenal, Liverpool drew 3-3 and West Ham United defeated their opponents 2-1. Only the heroic performance of Edward Mendy prevented them from winning at least one in the game against Chelsea. point.

However, on the other hand, Norwich City and Burnley both lost, and a 3-3 draw with Newcastle United, and they found themselves losing 4 of the previous 5 games.

As a result, they sat in the lower half of the table, 4 points behind Brighton, ranked 9th, and Burnley, ranked 18th.

However, off the court, they continued to perform well.

Brentford reveals why they decided to keep the same kit

Today, they announced that for fans and environmental reasons, they will not participate in the annual turnover of the home jersey, but will retain their current jersey next season.

In the club statement, Brentford says:

“Although it is not normal for Premier League clubs to change a set of jerseys within two seasons, the fans tell us that they will support the savings brought by the two seasons.

This season, our becoming a member of the Premier League means that our revenue from broadcast and business partners far exceeds our revenue from retail, so it is now for us to try different things without having a substantial impact on us The best time for income.

“We also think this is a step in the right direction that can help the environment a little. Reducing the kit cycle when the situation permits will only be a good thing. We will continue to work with Umbro to ensure that our kit production is as good as possible. It may be sustainable. This is just a small matter, but we believe it will help.”

The jersey now allows buyers to return more than £60, and other clubs should do the same.

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