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Brazil scored twice in the first half and beat Peru 2-0

Everton Ribeiro scored his second goal in two games, helping Brazil beat Peru 2-0 in the World Cup qualifier in Recife on Thursday .

Ribeiro scored the only goal of the game when he defeated Chile in Brazil last week, and went home 15 minutes after Neymar’s outstanding performance.

Five minutes before halftime, he almost got the second game of the game, but his shot was saved and Neymar pulled back a rebound and rewritten the score to 2-0.

Brazil lacks 9 players who have not been released by Premier League clubs, but they are still too strong for opponents who have never defeated them in the previous 12 World Cup qualifiers.

UEFA President Severin threatened to boycott the World Cup if the new plan continues

This is Brazil’s ninth consecutive home qualifiers to keep zero goals, and in eight Qatar 2022 qualifiers won the eighth.

“We lacked a lot of players in these three games, which means other people have a chance, they come forward,” captain Casemiro said. “I think we are on the right track.

“We have won eight games in a row. This is a record. Although we haven’t reached it mathematically, we are considering the World Cup.”

The victory put Brazil 24 points ahead of the South American qualifier group standings and 6 points ahead of Argentina, who defeated Bolivia 3-0 on Thursday.

The top four of the 10 teams automatically advance to the finals, and the fifth-ranked team enters the inter-regional playoffs.

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