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Brandon Taylor of Zimbabwe announces his withdrawal from international cricket competition

Former Zimbabwe captain and goalkeeper batsman Brendan Taylor has decided to withdraw from the international cricket game and will play the final game against Ireland on Monday.

Taylor made his debut in the ODI against Sri Lanka in 2004 and continues to be one of the best cricket players in Zimbabwe’s international cricket history.

“I declare with a heavy heart that tomorrow is my last game for my beloved country. The extreme highs and lows of 17 years, I will not change it for the world,” Taylor said in a statement Twitter.

“It taught me to be humble (sic) and always remind myself how lucky I am to work in a position for such a long time. Wear the badge proudly and leave everything on the court.

“My goal is to always put the team in a better position when I first returned to the team in 2004, and I hope I did,” Taylor added.

On Sunday, the 34-year-old batsman emotionally thanked the Zimbabwe cricket team, teammates, family and fans.

“In the end, it was my wife @tkellyanne and our four beautiful boys (sic). During this journey, you mean everything to me, it would be impossible without you,” Taylor said.

“No more airport heartache. I look forward to our next chapter. I love you very much,” he added.

Taylor scored 6,677 points from 204 ODIs, only 112 points less than former Zimbabwean batsman Andy Flower’s national record of 6,786 points.

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