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Both the Buffalo Sabres and the Arizona Coyotes can use Matt Murray in the net

In a shocking and interesting turn of events, the Ottawa Senators goalkeeper Matt Murray was Be exempted In the second season of his four-year average annual value (AAV) contract, it was worth $6.25 million. This can be attributed to more than one reason, but he didn’t play near where they needed the money he earned.

The senators have also maintained their confidence in their absence in the past two seasons, Anton Forsberg and Philip Gustafson. After the team chose to protect Gustafson instead of Murray in the extended draft, we should see something like this happen. General manager Pierre Dorian believes that the rebuilding is over. With this mindset, you must launch the best product every night to give the team the best chance of winning. Murray is not part of Ottawa.

There may be two suitors willing to take risks on Murray, Buffalo Sabre with Arizona CoyoteMurray will have some work to do to return to the level where he should be regarded as an NHL goalkeeper. There are many reasons why these two bottom feeders should give Murray a chance.

Murray’s hat hit helps two teams

For most teams, the $6.5 million AAV will scare the team away, especially when Murray’s last two seasons of the trade saw him earn $7 million and $8 million. For any competitive team, he is impossible. If his contract is bought out or he and the senator agree to terminate the contract and he becomes a free agent, he may become the choice of any team. But for now, not many teams are willing to accept a risky contract.

Senator Matt Murray of Ottawa (Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Neither Sabres nor Coyotes were able to win the next few years, and both were in full rebuilding mode after everyone sold their biggest deal last season. The draft picks and prospects began to increase, so they all need some time to form their own form and give the team a chance to maintain a competitive team throughout the season. Until then, they have some time and money to evaluate the future and seize opportunities in another team player who lost the game.

The move to ask Murray to waive the exemption will actually help both teams Keep on top of the cap After the end of the season, if they pay players the NHL minimum wage and bear the team’s bad contract trend will continue for some time. There must be one thing, they will have to stop accepting bad contracts that are many years away and start thinking about winning.

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After trading Jack Eichel, the Sabres had to trade with Johnny Boychuk’s $6 million AAV contract to make them exceed the upper limit. They have 12 players who have played at least one game this season and earned less than $1 million. They will wisely accept more bad contracts or slip in and become a third party in transactions that require some cap management. After this season, with a large number of expiring contracts, Sabres really needs to spend money.

On the other hand, the Coyotes have a very good ceiling this season, but like the Sabres, they are in Phil Kessel ($6.8 million AAV), Louis Eriksson ($6 million AAV), Anton Stralman (US$5.5 million AAV), Dmitrij Jaskin (US$3.2 million AAV), Antoine Roussel (US$3 million AAV) and Jay Beagle (US$3 million AAV) ended after the season.

Sabres and coyotes can use gatekeepers to help

At the beginning of the season, Sabres and Coyotes were digging the bottom of the net. Buffalo’s goalkeeper depth includes the three goalkeepers who have played for them this season.A wounded Craig Anderson, Dustin Tokarski and Aaron Dell, all made $750,000.

The Sabres hope that if their Top goalkeeper Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen and Devon Levi can gain experience at the NHL level, but they are still very young, especially Luukkonen now even struggling in the American Hockey League (AHL). They all need time to hone their skills at a higher level before they can become a factor in scoring goals.

However, the Cubs have Young goalkeepers are easier to play Participate in NHL competitions, such as Karel Vejmelka. They also have Josef Korenar and Ivan Prosvetov sharing time in the AHL. None of their goalkeeper prospects are as highly touted as Buffalo’s, but that doesn’t mean they will get worse.Coyote injured Carter Hutton and recent exempt acquisition Scott Wedgwood, So they are not opposed to getting online help from the exemption.

Karel Vejmelka Arizona Coyote
Karel Vejmelka, Arizona Coyote (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Murray has proven in the past that he can be a top goalkeeper, Won the Stanley Cup twice And in 232 regular season games with an average number of goals (GAA) of 2.76, a save rate (SV%) of 0.911 and 13 lockouts, he released a career record of 127-71-20. Although his data has declined in recent years, his SV% was 0.919 or higher in three seasons, which is much higher than the NHL average and is very reliable for NHL starting goalkeepers. His playoff statistics cannot be ignored. He has won 29 games in 50 games, his career GAA was 2.18, SV% was 0.921, and he was eliminated 6 times.

If Murray can’t prove that he is worthy of staying after the contract expires, it doesn’t hurt. With all the opportunities to take risks on the player, after knowing his past achievements, this will be the number one player. If he doesn’t exercise, it doesn’t hurt. I hope this will give the prospects of the two teams time to develop and take over Murray’s position in the NHL.

Mobile can benefit Murray and the team

If Murray’s data is higher than his career average, then any team will be rewarded, and if he approaches his top season in Pittsburgh, they will be very surprised. Of course, the team is in a different situation, but this does not give the goalkeeper zero chance to play.

Who claims that Murray will not have to give up anything to get him. The only thing that will cost them is the cap space, and the only thing they can have more is the draft picks. His time in Ottawa was not friendly to him, but we have seen it before and will see again in the future. Sometimes, the change of scenery is the most important thing that gives players a chance. Over the years, the Coyotes have been known for their excellent work with goalkeepers, so this may be the ideal place for Murray to rebuild the game. At the same time, in the past two seasons, the Sabres goalkeeper has played well unsuspectingly, despite their expectations and the team. Anderson and Tokars have stable data for the basic season, and Linus Ulmark has performed well among the teams ranked last in the NHL.

At this point, Murray should be happy to be able to shoot anywhere, just to be able to play the world’s highest level of competition. He has his trophy, he has his money, now is the time to try to have a long and successful career and do what millions of kids want to do when they grow up.

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