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Blackhawks’ 2021-22 opening night expected route and pairing

Hockey will be here before we know it Chicago Blackhawks And other members of the alliance. The Blackhawks training camp officially began on Thursday, September 23.The first preseason game is against on September 29 Detroit Red Wings, The opening night is October 13th against division opponents Colorado AvalancheAs the Blackhawks prepare for the 2021-22 season, hockey fans and analysts will predict their best starting lineup.

Well, I certainly don’t want to miss the two cents invested in me! The following are my predictions for the striker and defensive combination for the Blackhawks’ first game roster.

The striker of the Blackhawks

Kubalik (L)-Toews (L)-Gaudette (R)

DeBrincat (L)-Dach (R)-Kane (R)

Strom (L)-Johnson (R)-Hagel (L)

Nylander (L)-Carpenter (R)-Khaira (L)

Excluded: Kurashev (left), Connolly (right), Reichel (left), Borgstrom (left)

This is harder than I thought! Once you put all the forwards of the Blackhawks together, you will realize that they have a lot of depth. Whether this translates into a cohesive forward team is another matter. But the coaching staff certainly has many tools at their disposal.

I included the shooting tendency of each player to further understand my decision. But obviously good players can adjust as needed; so this is just a guideline. Let’s start the analysis.

first row

I will assume Jonathan Toss Completely healthy, ready to start the new season close to his previous form.All reports Point in this directionIf this is the case, Toews is the current top-line center. Otherwise, Taylor Johnson It may be the next center.

Healthy Jonathan Toews is the best choice for the top line center of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

But let’s stick to Toews for now.Toes and Dominic Cuban In the 2019-20 season, Kubalik scored 30 goals in his rookie season and his chemistry was excellent. It makes sense to try this combination again.To perfect this trio, I went Adam Goldt. certainly, Henrik Bergstrom or Lucas Reichel Can compete for this position. They certainly have more draft pedigree (Gaudette in 5day In the 2015 round, Reichel and Borgstrom were 1Yingshi Circle selection).

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Last fall, Gaudette was diagnosed with candidiasis, a condition in which yeast grows out of control in the body. Prior to this, he had been struggling with discomfort and loss of appetite that he did not understand. But now he has adjusted his diet and is moving towards his optimal weight. (From “Black Hawks” Adam Goldt is expected to usher in the offseason after overcoming candidiasis, Chicago Sun Times, 5/4/21)

He expects that this adjustment will have a huge impact on his game. When he joined the Blackhawks at the trade deadline, Goldt was impressed with one goal and three assists in just seven games with the Blackhawks. In addition, he is a right-wing winger for a team that is short in that department. This allows him to gain a place before entering the season. In the long run, this may not last, but I think Gaudette has a chance at the coveted top line of the right wing.

second line

This is effortless for me. Alex Debrinkart with Patrick Kane A lot of chemistry has been developed; they should be on the same line. In fact, this can be said to be the top line of the Blackhawks.I believe Kirby Dach Will be their perfect complement.

Kirby Dach Chicago Blackhawks
Kirby Dach may be the perfect complement to the energetic duo of Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Dach is a bigger body to balance the two smaller players of Kane and DeBrincat. And he is not afraid to do dirty work on boards and corners. Nevertheless, Dach needs to process his faceoff data so that he can gain possession of the line.

The third row

I believe Johnson will be the key here. In teams that don’t have much center depth lately, Johnson may become part of the puzzle they didn’t have before.

Dylan Strom Eventually you may find yourself a strange person. But at the beginning of the season, I think he will have a chance to prove that he can still make an impact on this team. In the past, his position was mainly in the third line, so I also arranged him for the 2021-22 season. He shoots to the left, Johnson shoots to the right, and they can share the responsibilities for the ball according to the opponent.

Dylan Strom Chicago Blackhawks
Dylan Strom will have to prove his worth with the Chicago Blackhawks this season. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Increase energy and resilience Brandon Hagel, You may just have a very powerful and dangerous third line.

Fourth line

I won’t lie to you; I like it very much Ryan Carpenter Centered on the fourth line of the Blackhawks.He played on the wing for most of last season, but this was mainly because David fight Better at winning confrontations.We all know that Kampf and Toronto Maple Leafs now.

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new features Jujar Keira You can also share the responsibilities with the faceoff, because he shoots to the left and Carpenter shoots to the right. Both are mentally honed players who can consolidate a solid fourth line.

I am stuck Alex Niland In the fourth line, because like Strom, I believe he will get a chance after he missed last season due to knee surgery. He is not exactly your typical four-liner; so maybe you can replace Gaudette with Nylander in the first line. Hard to say.

Alex Niland, Chicago Blackhawks
Alex Nylander missed last year’s campaign due to knee surgery and he will be looking for a comeback season. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

All in all, I believe these forward players will be ranked first on the opening night roster. We have already mentioned that Borgstrom and Ritchell can change this situation through their outstanding performances in the training camp. Philip Kulashev His rookie season did not slack off (8 goals and 16 points in 54 games). Brett Connolly A veteran who can add some value.

All in all, having this depth at the forward is a good question.

Blackhawks defensive pairing

De Han (left) – S. Jones (right)

McCabe (L) – Murphy (R)

Stillman (L) – Kalynuk (L & R)

C. Jones (L)

Excluded: Bodan (left), Mitchell (right), Regula (right)

First pairing

Seth Jones By default, he is the best overall defender of the Blackhawks. You may disagree to sign or promise and terms. But whether you like it or not, Jones will stay. Let us hope that he can live up to expectations.

Columbus Blue Jackets guard Seth Jones
Former Columbus blue jacket Seth Jones will become the new No. 1 guard for the Chicago Blackhawks. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, file)

Calvin de Han As his partner is the most meaningful, he is a full-time defensive player and left-handed. These two people can balance each other well.

Second pair

Connor Murphy with Jack McCabe Are all Americans and have Play together since childhood In the US team. They are all known for their physical play and ability to shut down. It makes sense to put them together as the main shutdown pairing.

Third pair

This is where things get interesting. Riley Stillman with Caleb Jones If they are sent to the Rockford Ice Hogs, they will have to get a waiver so they have the advantage of staying in Chicago. Stillman established himself as a reliable defensive player with the Blackhawks last season. Jones has more NHL games (93 games) than Stillman and any other young defensive player. He will obviously try to take advantage of this.

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In the end I feel Wyatt Kalinuk Will win the final position.He comes in after two Ian Mitchell with Nicholas Bodan On the depth map of last season. But once he got the chance, he never looked back, scoring 4 goals and 9 points in 21 games. He is responsible for defense and plays on the offensive end. He is also versatile because he can play on the left and right.

Wyatt Kalynuk Chicago Blackhawks
Defensive player Wyatt Kalynuk is a good example on the opening night roster for the Chicago Blackhawks. (Jamie Sabao/NHLI via Getty Images)

I put Stillman and Kalynuk as the third pair above, but honestly, I think there will be some kind of regular rotation between Stillman, Kalynuk and C. Jones. At the same time, Bodan, Mitchell and Alec Regula will benefit from playing time and Rockford’s further development.

What do you think of the Blackhawks fans? ! For the opening night roster, what is your ideal striker and defensive combination? Please feel free to leave your comments below; I like a wonderful debate!

Is October?

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