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Ben Stokes may miss Australia’s ashes: report

Super star U.K All-around player Ben Stokes is likely to withdraw from the away Ashes series Australia Tend to his physical and mental health. According to a recent report by The Telegraph, Ben Stokes is increasingly skeptical that he will miss the Ashes series this winter, and he may only return to the West Indies next year to tour the West Indies.

The all-rounder withdrew from the home series against India to focus on his mental health while also recovering from his injured finger, which was his injured finger during the IPL in India in April.

Then he withdrew from the second half of the IPL and the next T20 World Cup. Now, an England team without one of their greatest players of all time is likely to play in the ashes that began in Brisbane on December 8.

Ben Stokes, Joe Root.Picture-Twitter

Ben Stokes has not recovered from his finger injury

The Telegraph further added that although Ben Stokes’ mental problems have improved, his finger injury has not yet healed completely.

However, he played and served as captain in the ODI series against Pakistan, when he and a brand-new team were called after the covid-19 epidemic broke out when they were hosting Sri Lanka in an English camp. The all-rounder led his team to a 3-0 victory over Pakistan and then rested again.

The England team won only one test match in the 6 tests at home this year, but in the absence of Ben Stokes, England will again be heavily consumed.

Joe Root and Tim Paine in the ashes of 2019
Joe Root and Tim Paine at Ashes 2019 (Image source: Getty)

The European Central Bank is still negotiating with CA, and CA is negotiating with their government on quarantine rules regarding the entry of British contingents into ashes. According to reports, some prominent individuals told the European Central Bank that if their families were forced to undergo strict quarantine, they would withdraw.

The final decision on this matter is expected to be announced at the end of this month. The Ashes team will be named in October. Some players may also claim that they can participate in three of the five tests.

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