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Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars is absent despite being eligible to return

Ben Bishop has Is a hurt magnet In his 13 years of NHL career, he is still an elite goalkeeper.The Vezina Trophy and Stanley Cup finalist has a career save rate of 0.921 and provides three supports for the defensive Dallas Stars season. Unfortunately, Bishop has only played one game since his knee injury required surgery in March 2020. There are three other goalkeepers on the list. Bishop is still recovering. The Stars chose to place him in the Long-Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) to start the season. Now, in 14 games, let’s see Bishop and the The future of Stars.

Bishop is eligible to return

According to NHL rules, players placed on LTIR are not eligible to return until at least 10 games and 24 days have passed, which means that Bishop is technically eligible to return from November 5th.

Thursday is Ben Bishop’s 10 games and 24 days on LTIR, which means he is technically eligible to participate in future games. “You can look at him, but you don’t know how he feels or what the body tells him. This is a discussion he and Jim must have.”

However, this does not mean that he is ready to play. Bishop has been training with the team throughout the season, but his recovery time is still unknown. Although expected to return in April, he was forced to miss the entire 2020-21 season. before that, He returned in the 5th game In the 2020 playoffs against the Colorado Avalanche, it was cancelled only 20 minutes later because there were four goals in the first quarter. This led to a second operation and a more complicated recovery. Nevertheless, he has made it clear that his goal is to play this season.

“This is the goal,” Bishop said during the training camp“This is a process, I don’t want to look too far, but this is the plan. This is the goal.”

The 56 game schedule compressed last season is not helpful to Bishop or the star team. Although he hopes to return during the regular season, the team is working hard to enter the playoffs and there is almost no time for him to test his knee. In the end, the decision was made to look forward to next season.

“As we experienced last year, they don’t know how long it will take to get better. When we look at the schedule, it doesn’t really make sense to try to come back in the last week of the season. Can’t really go to Austin for the game and play three games. Come back in the game, so continue to rest and work hard to make it stronger and more meaningful throughout the summer.

—— Ben Bishop

However, after a full offseason and training camp, his state has not changed much, and his state and future are still unknown.

Star needs to be determined

There are other factors that complicate Bishop’s possible return.After failing to qualify for the playoffs last season, Dallas decided to add veteran goalkeepers Bradenholtby For insurance.Although this move gave the stars Four NHL-level goalkeepers, General Manager Jim Neal didn’t want to take a risk.

“We are prepared for all situations, so we will see where it will go,” said Neal, who signed a one-year contract with Holtby during the offseason. “There is a plan for us to hope that (the bishop) can play. This is the best case, and we will deal with anything that happens there. Another situation is that if he can’t play, we also have a way to deal with it.”

Ben Bishop Dallas Stars-Stars' Ben Bishop is absent despite being eligible to return
Ben Bishop, Dallas Star (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Owning Holtby means Bishop can take time to recover, and Dallas has two veteran goalkeepers. However, this also means that the stars still have some major decisions to come.In short, if Bishop fully recovers, Dallas will need a deal Anton Hudobin Or Holtby. There may be other moves that can absorb Bishops’ $4.9 million contract, and trading goalkeepers is the best option.

Holtby or Khudobin…or Bishop?

The question is, which goalkeeper will the star trade? Hu Dobin has always been a reliable substitute, leading the team to the 2020 Stanley Cup finals and is a favorite in the locker room. However, Holtby won the cup, won the Vezina trophy, and became a better goalkeeper early in the season. With Holtby’s impressive resume and cheaper contracts, Khudobin seems likely to be the best deal candidate. Either way, this decision will not be an easy one, and it may boil down to rewards.

Braden Holtby and Dallas Stars' Ben Bishop are still absent despite being eligible to return
Braden Holtby, Dallas Star (Photo: Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The third option is to release or trade Bishop. Although he will not attract many buyers, considering his injury history and condition, this move will eliminate the risk of him getting injured again and allow the team to continue their lineup. Jake Oettinger is the future of tennis, so before he is ready, the star team can ride Holtby and Khudobin.

Regardless of the final decision, you can be sure that Nill will wait until things become clearer before making a decision. Considering this situation and the other three goalkeepers on the list, he will not take any unnecessary opportunities. The team remembers the last time Bishop thought he was ready to return and did not want this problem to happen again.

“We are encouraged, but he still has a long way to go. It’s one thing for you to skate in the summer, but now you decide to participate in the game. We will see how it goes. He doesn’t know. It’s difficult. Part, let me sit here and say where is he? This is the one who knows this. And now, he doesn’t even know, that’s why we are in the process. It’s been a year and a half now.”

— Jim Neal

Whether it’s next week or a few months later, Dallas will eventually need to solve Bishop’s problem. As the team continues to develop their game, this season is worth watching.

Sam Nestler is the Dallas Star contributor for “Hockey Writers.” Sam grew up in New Jersey and has been playing hockey since he was 7 years old. Sam loved to write in college, using his hockey knowledge to analyze and write articles on all aspects of the game. Sam also hosted his own podcast on Spotify, the “Slapshot Sammy” podcast, breaking the NHL and NCAA actions.View podcast hereAnd read his latest article!

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