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Bayern Munich star Alfonso Davies diagnosed with myocarditis

Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies out after myocarditis diagnosis

Davis diagnosed with myocarditis

Bayern Munich’s Canadian star Alfonso Davies will be sidelined just weeks after the 21-year-old star was diagnosed with mild myocarditis. Heart inflammation.

This comes after Davis was recently reintroduced to Säbener Strasse’s squad after testing positive for Covid-19 and following a recovery period.

To quote a quote provided by ESPN’s Bundesliga chief commentator Derek Ray, Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann provided details of the current situation;

“For Phonzie, yesterday in our follow-up tests of every player who contracted Covid, we found signs of mild myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle.

He will be unavailable for the next few weeks as he must fully recover for obvious reasons. From the ultrasound, myocarditis is not that severe, there are signs. But it has to heal, and it takes time. We should expect to be without him for quite some time.

The truth is he has it, and it’s not bad, really bad. “

Bayern’s back line is thin

Although they are six points ahead of domestic rivals Dortmund in the Bundesliga, bayern munich Their defensive depth has taken some hits due to a combination of Covid-19, injuries and AFCON assignments, and they may be a little vulnerable now.

Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies out after myocarditis diagnosisBayern Munich star Alphonso Davies out after myocarditis diagnosis

TURIN, ITALY – OCTOBER 07: Lucas Hernandez of France during the 2021 match between Belgium and France at Juventus Stadium in Turin, Italy on October 7, 2021 UEFA Nations League semi-finals. (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images)

Right-back Bunasar has coached with Senegal in Cameroon, Josip Stanisic has previously dealt with a torn muscle and France international Lucas Hernandez is still recovering from his positive Covid test recovery, all before Davis’ setback.

1. FC Köln in good form faces a tricky away game at the weekend, with the failure to score three points after the Bavarian giants beat Borussia Monchengladbach 2-1 at home could open the door for Dortmund to narrow the gap even further at Allianz court.

black and yellow After trailing 2-0 in the first 25 minutes at Deutsche Bank Park, chances count for a final 3-2 comeback victory over Frankfurt, and Marco Ross’ kit could start to smell blood in the water and come back in the title race .

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