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Australia’s Wade plays an intermediate role in the T20 World Cup

Australia’s Matthew Wade hopes that he can occupy the middle and low positions in the team’s batting lineup for the 2020 World Cup, but he believes that he can also serve as an opener if necessary.

Since Australia defeated Bangladesh in the 4-1 T20 series in August, Wade hasn’t played any cricket. In the first two games, he ranked first before ranking fifth.

Aaron Finch, the captain who did not face Bangladesh last week, said that he and David Warner will start batting at the World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

“(I) is currently preparing to identify more of a low- and mid-level role. Obviously, with David (Warner) returning and Aaron did not participate in the final series… It’s no secret that they are the best in Australia. Good two opening batsmen,” Wade told reporters.

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“I think if we want to work harder, if they want to be left-handed, I think I am at the top of the order, maybe I will go in, but other than that, I will see myself settled down and maybe mid to mid Low order.”

The 33-year-old player’s performance in Bangladesh was disappointing. He scored 42 points in five innings and averaged 8.40 points per game. Prior to this, he had a poor performance against the West Indies in five games. Scored 87 points.

“I played the last series and I am confident that I will play this series. I have hit the ball anywhere in Australia, so it just comes back and uses this experience,” Wade added, he will face Rookie Josh Inglis competition.

Australia will start their T20 World Cup against South Africa in Abu Dhabi on October 23.

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