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Australian legend Shane Warne injured in motorcycle accident

Australian Rotating Legend Shane Vaughan He was reportedly injured in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, November 28. Warne takes his son on a bicycle Jackson In Melbourne, he fell and slipped more than 15 meters.

Vaughan did not seek treatment immediately, but went to the hospital for an examination after waking up in severe pain on Monday morning. The test great is worried about his hip injury and worried that his foot or ankle may have been broken.

“I’m a little scarred, and it hurts,” Vaughan said on Monday morning Fox CricketIt is worth noting that this spinning wizard has been riding a motorcycle for more than two years.

Vaughan is part of the Fox Sports Review team Upcoming Ashes series Starting in Gabba on December 8, he said he was ready to comment.

Not long ago, Vaughan shared his thoughts on Steve Smith becoming the deputy captain of the Australian Test team, Stated that this move would create a bad impression and that the Australian cricket team should abandon their code of conduct.

“We all love Steve Smith and are proud of him once again being the best test batter in the world, but he shouldn’t be an Australian deputy captain. Everyone makes mistakes. We know this. We all learn from sandpaper. The door started. But this happened under the leadership of Steve Smith. He allowed this to happen on his watch. But his second chance was to play for the Australian team again, in my opinion, to declare him as The deputy captain will let the CA (Australian Cricket Team) be ridiculed and criticized, and they should throw the code of conduct out the window.” Vaughan once wrote in his column Herald sun.

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