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Australian Football Association, players union condemns social media abuse of women’s football

The Australian Football Association and the Players Union condemned the “despicable” abuse against the women’s national team on social media, after previous reports that photos of the two players were shared without their consent.

According to Australian media reports, the players union stated that it had reported an incident of “image-based” abuse to the government’s Internet regulator, while the Australian Football Association contacted the police and Twitter.

“This kind of targeted and despicable behavior is unacceptable and must be condemned,” Catherine Gill, the co-CEO of Australian professional footballers, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We will continue to cooperate with the authorities and will not hesitate to involve the police as needed, especially if they are classified as criminal in nature.”

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The Australian Football Association and the Players Union refused to disclose the names of the target players.

“We are closely monitoring the activities of these accounts, including possible defamatory comments, and have and will continue to report the activities of concern to the relevant authorities,” a spokesperson for the Australian Football Association said.

The targeted abuse occurred after former forward Lisa De Vanna and other players made allegations of sexual assault, harassment and bullying in the Matildas camp last week.

De Vanna’s allegations prompted the Australian Football Association to announce that it will establish an independent complaint management process.

The Matildas said on Monday that they defended the National Women’s Organization, saying they have a “strong professional, tolerant and supportive culture” and will not tolerate any reported behavior.

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