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Australia welcomes the new professional ice hockey league NHSL (National Hockey Super League)

Adelaide will become Australia’s first professional hockey league host.

The National Hockey Super League (NHSL) is Australia’s professional ice hockey league. It consists of three teams. The goal is to have 15 teams in Australia by 2023.

In the first year, the NHSL will have three teams, mainly composed of South Australian players, but will be expanded to the national competition system next summer to showcase the best talent that Australia has to offer.

The names of the first three teams are Noarlunga Stars, Port Adelaide Brewers and Adelaide XTreme. Each team cited South Australia or the hockey community in that state.

The game will be played in front of the IceArenA crowd on Friday night. The game will be an enjoyable and fun family experience that will highlight fast-paced action ice hockey activities.

The alliance will adopt a rulebook similar to the NHL.

Three famous South Australian ice hockey figures will be appointed as general managers, responsible for managing each team. The task of the general manager is to find a coach and select their team from the registered players.

Each general manager can sign two important players to form his own team, but the players cannot be from the same club during the IHSA season.

The season is expected to start in early November. The general manager has confirmed and will be announced soon. Draft dates, team names, and league rules will be announced soon.

All you can do now is sit down and get ready for the ride.

The remaining teams will be filled in the NHSL draft in mid-October. If players wish to be selected, they must nominate themselves.They can do Click here. Just because you are nominated does not guarantee that you will be selected.

Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

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– 3 team games (Stars, XTreme and Brewers) held at Ice ArenA every Friday

– Each team will have a general manager responsible for drafting and operating the franchise

– Each general manager can appoint a coach and two outstanding players around

– Encourage players who wish to participate in the competition to nominate the draft (mid-October). The three general managers will select players from the pool of eligible players;

– The season starts in November. October draft.

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