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Australia, Sri Lanka win on first day of U-19 World Cup

Australia and Sri Lanka recorded easy victories in the West Indies and Scotland respectively on the opening day of the U-19 World Cup in Georgetown, Guyana.

Australia beat the West Indies by six wickets, while Sri Lanka beat Scotland by 40.

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Australia disciplined a paltry 169 over hosts West Indies before returning to overhaul goals to score 170 in 44.5 overs with Teague Wiley’s 86 on 129 balls. Captain Akim August scored 57 with 67 balls.

In the other game, Sri Lanka, who opted to bat, were out with 218 in 45.2 overs, but the bowling team (5-for-27) led by Dunith Wellalage stepped up to 178 points to beat Scotland and have 8 goals to spare.


  • West Indies 169 lost to 40.1 overs (Ackeem Auguste 57) Australia 44.5 170 4-for-4 (Teague Wyllie 86)
  • Sri Lanka 209 points 45.2 points (Sakuna Nidarshana Liyanage 79) defeated Scotland 178 points, 48.4 points (55 points from Jack Jarvis, 5 points and 27 points from Dunis Willaghy)

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