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As Leicester City prepares for the Brighton test, Dhaka will play a “new surprise role”

The 22-year-old player saw his efforts being ruled out of an offside position by VAR on Thursday, but he will face the Seagulls

As the head coach Brendan Rogers revealed, Zambia international Patterson Dhaka may take on a new role at the club.

The 22-year-old player finally made his full debut with the Foxes when they drew 2-2 with Naples in the Europa League match at the King Power Stadium on Thursday night.

In the game, Dhaka, who joined Leicester City from Salzburg Red Bull at the beginning of the new season, found a defender after being played by Yuri Tillermans in the 59th minute, but VAR stepped in to rule out an offside strike.

Before Sunday’s Premier League match against Brighton and Hove Albion at Falmer Stadium, Rogers hinted that he would play a different role in the starting lineup.

When asked if he would start the card from the right in the game against Brighton, Rogers said Leicester Live: “He played these positions in Salzburg and we met him there.

“When he plays, he doesn’t play on the wing, but plays more from the inside. As I said before, I like to have a person off the court-just like you see in Pakistan. When Ensi scored a goal, he was on the side of the wing, and then he came in—there is someone who hits the other side, and he might come in a little more.”

In a previous interview, the Zambian international admitted that he was sad to see his efforts rejected, but he promised that he would score more points if he had a chance to play in subsequent games.

“I am disappointed [then he smiled], Ah, it’s almost a dream come true for me, I’m really, [shaking his head]Unexpectedly, it was like I was lost at that moment. I was at a loss. I was very happy. When I saw the referee waiting for VAR, I knew I had almost no chance to score a goal.” Said After the game.

“I didn’t know I was offside, so I was waiting for him to start the game. I just saw him waiting. I knew something was wrong. I was really disappointed that I didn’t score the first goal for the club.

“Nevertheless, this is a positive thing for me. I think it’s just an unfortunate goal and it is not counted, but it gives me a lot of confidence because I still have a lot of opportunities to come, I know Where is the goal.”

“This is a tough game, we know it will be a tough game, I think getting some playing time is really important to me personally, and in the end we were disappointed that we didn’t manage to get three points.”

Dhaka’s visit to Brighton will reunite him with another Zambian player, Ennock Mweep, who has been declared suitable for the Seagulls.

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