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All the ups and downs of Bryson DeChambeau’s wild year

It’s hard to surpass that kind of drama Bryson DeChambeau I found myself a member of 2021. He has only won once in the PGA Tour, but the man who changed his body in less than two years to become the longest driver on the tour is undoubtedly the main topic of discussion throughout the eventful golf season-even in He is not arguing.

As the winner of the 2020 US Open, DeChambeau joined the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March, his eighth victory on the PGA Tour.

However, despite his outstanding performance at times, he did not win again, winning a total of 6 top 10 in 20 global events. He is now ranked seventh in the world.

Since the Tour Championship in early September, De Chambeau has not participated in an official competition. Then he participated in the Ryder Cup, and then participated in the Professional Long Drivers Association race.

As far as we know, after he became the subject of controversy and Months of dispute with Brooks Koepka This led to the Friday celebrations in Las Vegas.

Now, he will join Nemesis Koepka in a 12-hole resentment competition called “The Game.”This is the fifth such version in the series to Tiger Woods with Phil Mickelson 2018. This will be DeChambeau’s second appearance.

It’s fair to wonder if the two have really resolved their differences, so that now these old enemies are actually good enough with each other to spend a few hours on national television to pay their salaries.

Does this make their months-long “disharmony” look even more artificial, because they seem to have truce in the Ryder Cup and participate in this Thanksgiving weekend outing? Or is there still bad blood?

We will get some of these answers in the game, but now it seems prudent to look back at the good and bad of DeChambeau’s exceptionally busy year.

Good Bryson

1. Bay Mountain

DeChambeau hit one Tee off across the lake At the 6th hole of the Bay Mountain Club, where the Arnold Palmer Invitational was held, par 5.

By Saturday, the situation emerged. De Chambeau teeed for 370 yards on a 555 yard hole that ended 50 yards from the green. He continued to push forward, catching a birdie in the two pushes and becoming the topic of the tournament.

“I feel like a child again. It’s exciting,” he said.

De Chambeau participated in the final round as the 54-hole leader Lee Westwood And did the same thing on Sunday. He eventually won a close duel with the British, winning his eighth PGA Tour victory. His achievements dominated the discussion, but his victory was also impressive, on the difficult course where Westwood persisted to the last hole.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that despite the many opportunities, this is De Chambeau’s only victory in 2021.

2. Ryder Cup

De Chambeau did not disappoint at the Ryder Cup, where He opened the first green In his singles match on Sunday, a 417-yard bomb formed a long eagle putt-he pushed into this putt. This was a wonderful performance that set the tone for America’s easy victory over Europe.

This is also part of DeChambeau’s feel-good story. He never let Koepka’s chatter become a problem and led the game 2-0-1 after poor performance in the 2018 Ryder Cup and 2019 Presidents Cup.

3. Long distance driving competition

Not many people think that De Chambeau’s participation in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship is a good idea. The tournament was originally scheduled to start on Tuesday after the Ryder Cup. Training yourself to play long distances is different from preparing to play championship golf, especially Ryder Cup golf.

But De Chambeau was not deterred and won some respect. Less than two years after starting a meaningful weight gain and strength training program, DeChambeau was very competitive in this event.80 players participated in the game, De Chambeau Enter the last day, Where he won seventh place.

“I’m proud of Bryson,” said Kyle Berkshire, who won the game. “He came here and put himself in a position where not many people thought he would do well. In his first attempt after the Ryder Cup, he confronted the absolute best and entered The final eight. This is extraordinary, and I’m not just talking about it in the context of golf-this is one of the greatest sports achievements I have ever seen.”

De Chambeau’s longest record on the last day was 408 yards.

4. The Koepka Controversy

In the past six months, this has come in various forms, some of which are even beyond the scope of stupidity. But unless you have objections to DeChambeau’s point of harassing his audience during the game, he handled the situation well.

Remember, DeChambeau did not take any measures to rekindle the tension between the two golfers. After the second round of the PGA Championship on Kiawah Island, he innocently followed a path from the scoring area to the locker room, apparently bemoaning his fate to those around him. This happened to be heard by Koepka, who was being interviewed by the Golf Channel. This kind of chatter obviously distracted Koepka, he stopped, rolled his eyes, expressed his suspicion—and asked to start the interview again.

That interview was leaked later, and then it exploded. For a long time, Koepka did not make it worse, accepting social media criticism and enjoying the consequences.this “Let’s go to Brooksea” The odes that became common during the game and aimed to annoy DeChambeau did penetrate the golfer’s skin, but were largely lame.

Bad bryson

1. the driver

After being asked about his 71 in the first round of the Open, De Chambeau showed off his equipment. Said his driver was “terrible”.

“This is not a good face for me, and we are still trying to figure out how to make it better solve the problem. As I have told people for a long time, I have been living on the edge of a razor,” he said. “When I hit the ball outside the fairway, such as the first cut, etc., I was there to catch the jumper and I couldn’t control my wedge.”

His equipment manufacturer and spokesperson Cobra was not satisfied. The company’s Tour Operations Manager Ben Shoman-who served as a caddy for DeChambeau in the Rockets Mortgage Classic two weeks ago-publicly retorted, saying to Golf Weekly: “He has never been really happy, forever. Like, he is happy. The place is very rare.” And: “When he said such stupid things, it was really very, very painful. “

It is commendable that a day later, De Chambeau met with a group of reporters, apologized and explained his dissatisfaction.

2. US Open

De Chambord is capable of defending his US Open title. With nine holes left, he leads Torrey Pines. Then he broke up and shot 44 on the back nine holes and 77 in the final round. He plummeted on the leaderboard. Bogeys on the 11th and 12th holes put him three strokes behind the lead. On the 13th hole, his foot slipped during the kick-off, causing him to swallow a double bogey seven, which made him lose his competitive advantage.

He blamed his plight on doom.

“I must be a little lucky, I was lucky for the first 3.5 days, but no luck for the last 9 days,” he explained. “But it plays an important role in the Grand Slam tournament. In most cases, it may exceed 50%. Sometimes I hit the ball on the fairway and then hit the ball into the turf. This is just part of it.”

3. COVID-19

As part of the pre-travel agreement, DeChambeau failed the COVID-19 test and he was going to Tokyo and participating in the Olympics.He returned to the game a week after the World Championships-FedEx St. Jude Invitational. Although he lost 10 pounds and felt a little tired, he told reporters He does not regret He decided not to get the coronavirus vaccine-and added some wrong information.

“Vaccines may not prevent it from happening,” De Chambeau said. “I’m still young, I would rather give it [the vaccine] To those in need. I don’t need it. I am a healthy and young person and will continue to work hard for my health.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing to take the vaccine from people who need it. My dad is a good example. He got it [the vaccine] Because he has diabetes. People like this need to get it. My mother received it. I don’t want to take away that ability.

“Now over time, if [the vaccine] It’s the mainstream, really, it’s really the mainstream, and then yes. ”

In August-just like today-there is no vaccine shortage in the United States. In addition, the CDC reported at the time that more than 95% of hospitalizations and deaths occurred in people who were not vaccinated.

The backlash is very serious, especially on social media. After that, DeChambeau decided not to talk to the print media, which he insisted in the FedEx Cup playoffs. It only stopped at the Ryder Cup.

4. Rocket mortgage

DeChambeau’s defense of his Rocket Mortgage title was not smooth. This happened between the last nine games of the U.S. Open, before the open driver problem, which meant that he was the subject of more criticism.

His facts Missed the clip It is the least of his problems. On the eve of the game, DeChambeau broke up with long-time caddie Tim Tucker. Considering that the caddie was on the scene, participating in the professional/amateur match, but then did not participate in the championship, this is a strange timing. De Chambeau hinted that this was a common separation, but Tucker seemed to just think he had had enough.

Both took the high road afterwards, but De Chambeau did not speak to the media after the first or second round—despite being sponsored by Rocket Mortgage Corporation—that made himself criticized.


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