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Alex Tucci of the Vegas Golden Cavaliers missed 6 months after shoulder surgery

General manager Kelly McCrimon said on Friday that right-wing Alex Tucci suffered a shoulder injury last week and is expected to be absent for six months. This means that Tuch may return in late February, but McCrimmon said that there are many variables in such a long recovery process that may affect the time frame.

Tukh was the Cavaliers’ seventh scorer last season, scoring 33 points in 55 games.

“None of us expected such an outcome,” McCrimon said. “It’s not that the injury prevented him from playing in the playoffs. …This will be a full recovery. But it does take time. These injuries take time. Especially this kind of surgery.”

McCrimon said that there was not a game that injured Tucci’s shoulder.

This entire season has bothered him, but the 25-year-old has weathered the storm. He missed only one game between the regular season and the playoffs.

After the season, Tucci took a vacation. When he came back, his shoulders were still haunting him. Further testing showed that it needs to be repaired surgically.

Knights Medical Director Dr. James Dettling performed the operation in Las Vegas. It is expected that Tuch will also recover in the town.

“For hockey players, shoulder injuries are not uncommon,” McCrimon said. “This comforts us to a certain extent, it is not abnormal.”

Tuoch’s injury will leave the Cavaliers without a key deep scorer for most of the season. The 6-foot-4 winger has always been a key player in the team’s third line. It is difficult for opponents to match the bottom six forwards and low defenders in terms of his size and speed.

It does clarify the Cavaliers’ salary cap situation. On Friday, they entered the $37,000 over cap without signing restricted free agents Nolan Patrick and Dylan Koglan, but placing Tucci on the long-term injury reserve will allow them to exceed the cap, the highest Up to 4.75 million US dollars.

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