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After winning at Southampton, Liverpool’s top three were confirmed as the best in the Premier League

After the crushing defeat in Southampton, excellent statistics once again confirmed that Liverpool’s top three are the best in the Premier League.

The first three riots against Southampton

Liverpool once again participated in the Anfield game against Southampton today. They won 4-0 for the second time in multiple weekends, this time putting Ralph Hasennutr’s Saints in trouble.

A similar process took place in front of their home supporters last weekend, when they defeated Mikel Arteta’s upstart Arsenal with the same score. Once again, Liverpool The top three are the front row and center of the target department.

Diogo Jota Today got a support as he was selected to replace Brazil international Roberto Firmino to lead with the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah Provided help for the Portuguese’s second goal of the day.

Although Senegal’s feeling Healthy mane Not on the list in any capacity, Jota’s score twice confirmed that Liverpool is the proud owner of the top three scorers in the Premier League this season.

Salah has taken the lead and took the lead early in the Golden Boot competition. Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy is now on a par with Mane and Jota. The Liverpool trio has scored a staggering 25 goals this season. The club’s 39 goals in the league.

Are Liverpool the best team in the league?

Although if Manchester City eliminated West Ham at the Etihad Stadium tomorrow, Liverpool may fall to third place in the Premier League, but the question of whether the Reds are the top team in England will definitely be asked.

No other team in the top league of English football has found a goal in every game this season, and their 39 goals in 2021-22, scoring only one-third of the goals, are definitely a ridiculous return.

When Chelsea topped the list under the leadership of German tactician Thomas Tuchel, what happened at Stamford Bridge can, has been and should be said a lot, but some of Liverpool’s things this season may be more appealing than what the Blues have to offer. The imagination this season.

No matter which corner you choose, this will be one of the most interesting Premier League seasons in recent memory, as we are currently in a three-way match for the top spot in England.

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